SB461 HFA Lane & Miley 3-9

    Delegate Lane moves to amend the bill on page two, section fifty, subdivision (2), line eight, after the word “provision”, by striking out the remainder of the subdivision and inserting in lieu thereof, the following:

    of this chapter and Title III of the Help America Vote Act, Pub. L. 107-252, including a violation which has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur, may file a complaint.”


    On page three, section fifty, line thirty-eight, by inserting a new subdivision (10) as follows:

    “(10) The administrative procedures required by this section are not applicable if:

    (A) Within thirty days of the filing of the complaint, the Secretary determines that the allegations contained in the complaint may result in a finding of a criminal violation of this chapter and that the procedures required by this section would endanger or impede a criminal investigation; and

    (B) The Secretary notifies the complainant that an investigation of the complaint has resulted in a finding that a criminal violation of this chapter may have occurred and that the administrative procedures must be terminated.”