(By Delegates Lawrence, Barrett, Border, Canterbury, Cooper, Diserio, Eldridge, Ferns, Fleischauer, Frich, Hamilton,

Hunt, Jones, Manypenny, Marshall, McCuskey, Paxton,

L. Phillips, R. Phillips, Poore, Raines, Skaff, Skinner,

P. Smith, R. Smith, Sobonya, Sponaugle, Stephens, Storch,

Tomblin, Westfall, Williams and Young)

Designating March 7, 2013 as "Child Advocacy Center Day."
   Whereas, One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the age of eighteen; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers in the Mountain State work to assist alleged victims of child abuse and their families; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers provide a neutral, child- friendly environment to help children feel psychologically and physically safe to disclose if they are being abused; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers work with local teams of child abuse professionals, including prosecutors, Child Protective Services, law enforcement, medical and mental health care providers, and victims' advocates to coordinate child abuse investigations and interventions; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers connect victims of child abuse with evidence-supported interventions that help them on their road to healing; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers officially serve 32 counties in West Virginia and provide courtesy services to every county in the state; and
   Whereas, Child Advocacy Centers work with local communities to educate individuals about preventing, identifying and reporting child abuse, so they can be "One With Courage"; therefore, be it
   Resolved by the House of Delegates:
   That the House of Delegates hereby designates March 7, 2013, as "Child Advocacy Center Day"; and, be it
   Further Resolved, That the House of Delegates invites all members of the West Virginia Legislature and all citizens of West Virginia to join in recognizing the value and importance of Child Advocacy Centers in West Virginia; and, be it
   Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates, forward a certified copy of this resolution to the West Virginia Child Advocacy Network.