(By Delegates Thompson (Mr. Speaker), Craig,

         Miller, Morgan, Perdue, Reynolds,
         Sobonya, Stephens)

Designating February 20, 2013 as "Marshall University Day."
   Whereas, 2013 marks the 176th anniversary of Marshall University, the oldest institution of higher education in West Virginia, founded in 1837 as Marshall Academy, in honor of Chief Justice John Marshall; and
   Whereas, Marshall University is one of the state's premier institutions of higher education, and educates nearly 14,000 students at campuses in Huntington, Point Pleasant, South Charleston, Beckley, Logan and Gilbert; and
   Whereas, Marshall University offers degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, master and doctoral levels; and
   Whereas, Marshall University this year met its goal of raising $15 million in private donations for research, which, along with the match from the "Bucks for Brains" West Virginia Research Trust Fund, has resulted in the creation of sixteen new research endowments and a fifteen percent increase in the university's overall endowment; and
   Whereas, Marshall University this year added one hundred seven new professional students in its inaugural Physical Therapy and School of Pharmacy Programs; and
   Whereas, Marshall University has built a national reputation for research in biotechnology, forensics and medicine; and
   Whereas, With every dollar the state invests in Marshall University, the University generates nearly $20 spent in the West Virginia economy, resulting in an estimated economic output of $1.5 billion per year; and
   Whereas, The Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing serves all fifty-five state counties providing expertise to manufacturers across West Virginia; and
   Whereas, The Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute of Marshall University is setting national standards in transportation; and
   Whereas, Marshall University's Health Sciences train hundreds of West Virginians to serve as doctors, nurses, therapists and health technicians each year; and
   Whereas, Marshall graduates number more than ninety one thousand across the globe; therefore, be it
   Resolved by the House of Delegates:
   That the House hereby designates February 20, 2013, as "Marshall University Day"; and, be it
   Further Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates forward a copy of this resolution to Stephen J. Kopp, President of Marshall University.