(By Senators Plymale, Kessler (Mr. President), Unger, Yost, Stollings, Cole, Chafin and Jenkins)

Congratulating the Wayne High School football team for winning the 2012 West Virginia State AA Championship.
     Whereas, The Pioneers completed an amazing 2012 football season, finishing with a perfect record of 14-0 and winning their second consecutive Class AA state championship; and
     Whereas, The Pioneers are led by head coach Tom Harmon, and assistant coaches Ty Harmon, David Adkins, Wade Williamson, Shawn Ross, Nick Newell, Ted Williamson and Doug Shilot and trainer Jason Eaches; and
     Whereas, The Pioneers team consists of players Brandon Spurlock, Dustin Tombin, Mason Hodge, Zack Cassidy, Dwight Blankenship, Michael Perry, Kade Sebastian, Nathan Spurlock, Grant Ferguson, Brody Lunsford, Kyler Atkins, Nathan Adkins, John Osborne, Chandler Fry, Cody Stiltner, Marcus Webb, Kurt Langdon- Arthur, Michael Osborne, Logan Queen, Chris Darby, Ben Thompson, James Egnor, Brian Robertson, Taylor Maynard, Johnathan Adkins, Zach Damron, Tucker Watts, Brayden Baker, Marley Webb, Andrew Stamper, Caleb Lovejoy, Tyler Adkins, Seth Napier, Alex Jackson, Joey Williamson, MacKenzie Beckett, Tristen Nelson, Josh Mitts, Ryan Watts, Curtis Folioway, Yosef Finton, Anthony Bryant, John Ward, Brandon Mullett, Justin Crockett, J. C. Maynard, Matt Queen, Colin Kelly, Corey Ferguson, Matt Henderson, Alex Elkins, Dale Bryant, Paul Langdon, Jordan Clay, Randall Vance, Kevin Ramey, Justin Loving, Nick Harmon, Jacob Berry, Larry Meddings, Austin Hale, Austin Pyles, Jacob Maynard, Dustin Hatfield, Brett Justice, Colton Farley, Casey Brooks and Joel Mullins; and
     Whereas, The Pioneers displayed their strong will and determination for an entire season and will be remembered as one of the best teams ever assembled in West Virginia high school football history; therefore, be it
     Resolved by the Senate:
     That the Senate hereby congratulates the Wayne High School football team for winning the 2012 West Virginia State AA Championship; and, be it
     Further Resolved, That the Senate acknowledges the dedication and commitment of each individual coach and player, which resulted in the Pioneers winning their second consecutive West Virginia State AA Football Championship; and, be it
     Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the Wayne High School football team.