(By Senators Kessler (Mr. President), Jenkins, Unger, Yost, D. Hall, Stollings, Plymale, Prezioso, Miller, Laird, Beach, Fitzsimmons and McCabe )

Designating February 26, 2013, as "Community Action Day".
     Whereas, Community action agencies have been serving low- income families throughout our fifty-five counties for more than fifty years, striving to identify the causes of poverty and how to achieve self sufficiency
; and
     Whereas, Community action agencies conduct numerous programs to meet the needs of low-income West Virginians including Head Start, weatherization, housing, energy assistance, home rehabilitation, job training and placement, nutrition for the elderly and children, education assistance, family mentoring and many others ; and
     Whereas, The employees of community action agencies fight to improve the lives of all West Virginians and are gifted with the ability to see need and find fulfillment, to see sadness and find hope and to see helplessness and find strength; therefore, be it
     Resolved by the Senate:
     That the Senate hereby designates February 26, 2013, as "Community Action Day"; and, be it
     Further Resolved, That the Senate invites all members of the West Virginia Legislature and all citizens of West Virginia to join in recognizing the value and importance of community action programs in West Virginia; and, be it
     Further Resolved, That the Clerk is hereby directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the West Virginia Community Action Partnership.