HB2649 HH&HR AM 2-27

     Delegate Perry and Perdue moves to amend the bill on page two, line four, after the word "authorized" by striking out the period and inserting in lieu thereof a comma, and the following words:
     "with the following amendment:
     On page 4, subdivision 3.2(l), after the stricken word 'within' by striking the words, 'five (5) days'; and
     On page 4, by striking subdivision 3.2(s) in its entirety; and
     On page 7, by striking section 7.1, and inserting a new section 7.1 to read as follows,
     '7.1 Daily Records - Each school shall keep a daily class record of each student, showing the number hours earned daily, the total number of hours the student is in attendance and the days each student is absent. Daily hours shall be recorded by the school using a time tracking system that can not be edited by a student. Each student shall clock himself or herself in and out of school.'."