HB3013 HFIN FBM 3-25


Sponsors:Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Delegates Boggs, Swartzmiller, Caputo, Miley, Poling, M., White, Perdue, Morgan, Moye and Poling, D.

Attorney:McO / Assistant:

Date:     March 25, 2013

Title:    OK

Fiscal Note:   No

Code:     §4-2B-1 (new)

Purpose: The bill would create a new section authorizing the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House to appoint job creation workgroups from members within their respective houses of the Legislature. Each workgroup would work at the direction of its appointing officer, independently or in cooperation with the Department of Commerce, the West Virginia Development Office, or other executive office or agency of the state, to obtain information to assist the Legislature's efforts to take effective action to increase and attract jobs in West Virginia. Their activities would include, but not be limited to, meeting with existing businesses and organizations to further develop resources currently available to expand upon and grow job opportunities within the state. Each workgroup would serve as a resource for other members of their house of the Legislature on these subject matters.
     Members of a workgroup would receive no compensation for their services other than actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties as members of workgroup. The provisions of this new statute would expire December 31, 2014.

COMMITTEE ACTION: The bill was reported without amendment.

Effective Date:Regular