H. B. 203


                        (By Mr. Speaker, (Mr. Miley) and Delegate Armstead)

         [By Request of the Executive]

         [Passed May 21, 2014; in effect from passage.]




AN ACT to amend and reenact §20-9-3 and §20-9-4 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, all relating to boat dock and marina safety; extending the deadline for electrical inspection, and extending the deadline for compliance with this article.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

    That §20-9-3 and §20-9-4 of the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, be amended and reenacted, all to read as follows:


§20-9-3. Boat dock and marina safety requirements-electrical shock and electrocution.

    All boat dock or marina owners or operators shall comply with the following requirements to prevent electrical shock, electrocution or injury to users of their facilities and the surrounding areas:

    (1) All electrical wiring involving 110 AC or 220 AC shall be installed by and maintained by a holder of a valid West Virginia journeyman electrician license or master electrician license in accordance with the most recently adopted versions of the National Fire Protection Association's Standards for Marinas and Boatyards (NFPA 303) and the National Electric Code (NFPA 70);

    (2) Install ground fault circuit interrupters on all boat dock and marina electrical wiring circuits; and

    (3) Cause an inspection before January 1, 2015, and at least once every three years thereafter by a West Virginia licensed electrical inspector of all sources of electrical supply, including ship-to-shore power pedestals, submergible pumps, and sewage pump-out facilities, that could result in unsafe electrical current in the water.

§20-9-4. Compliance date and enforcement.

    Each boat dock and marina shall be in full compliance with this article by January 1, 2015. The penalties contained in section seven of this article apply only to conduct on or after January 1, 2015. Enforcement of sections three and four of this article regarding the work of electricians shall be conducted by the State Fire Marshal.