SB373 HFA Manypenny, Moore and Poore 3-5 #1 


    Delegate Manypenny, Moore and Poore move to amend the amendment on page 57, line 16, following the period, by inserting a new section 10, to read as follows:

§22-30-10. Confidential information protected.

    (a) In a zone of critical concern, all chemicals and specific mixtures of chemicals, including volume of fluids, regardless of an assertion of their proprietary nature, shall be reported to the Secretary. If a owner of an aboveground storage tank asserts a proprietary interest in specific mixtures of chemicals in a zone of critical concern, and the Secretary finds that information or parts thereof, if made public, would divulge methods, processes or chemical mixtures are of a proprietary nature, then such information is entitled to protection as a trade secret. The Secretary and any other agency or entity provided the proprietary information shall keep it confidential. Proprietary information shall be treated as exempt from public disclosure under the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-b of this code.

    (b) The Secretary shall only utilize the proprietary information to fulfill the provisions of section nine-c, article one of chapter sixteen, and section nine of this article.

    (c) Outside zones of critical concern, proprietary information relating to the chemicals stored in an aboveground storage tank shall not be required to be submitted to the secretary.”


    To renumber all subsequent section numbers of the article accordingly.