Saturday, June 14, 2003

8:30 A.M.


H. B. 200 -           Relating to workers' compensation generally (Committee amendment pending)
(Right To Amend)

H. B. 206 -           Continuing the equal pay commission

H. B. 209 -           Continuing the funding of the Hatfield-McCoy recreation authority projects

H. B. 212 -           Expiring funds to the unappropriated surplus balance in the state fund, general revenue (Right To Amend)

H. B. 213 -           Supplementary appropriation of public moneys out of moneys remaining as an unappropriated balance in the state fund, general revenue, to the department of education (Right To Amend)

H. B. 219 -           Supplementary appropriation to a new item of appropriation designated to the governor's office - jobs and growth tax relief reconciliation act of 2003 (Right To Amend)

H. B. 220 -           Relating generally to creation and administration of economic opportunity districts by county commissions and Class I and II municipalities (Right To Amend)

H. B. 222 -           Creating processes and procedures allowing agencies, counties and their instrumentalities to enter into performance-based contracts with qualified providers of energy conservation measures (Right To Amend)


S. B. 2004 -          Continuing equal pay commission (Original same as H.B. 206)

S. B. 2007 -          Amending state excess lottery revenue fund (Original same as H.B. 208)

S. B. 2009 -          Continuing funding of Hatfield-McCoy regional recreation authority projects (Original same as H.B. 209)
S. B. 2010 -          Relating to economic opportunity districts (Original same as H.B. 220)

Com. Sub. for S. B. 2012 -    Allowing agencies, counties and their instrumentalities to enter into energy saving contracts; leaseback (Original same as H.B. 222)

S. B. 2013 -          Relating to workers' compensation generally

S. B. 2015 -          Relating to receipt and disbursement of funds for construction of veterans' nursing home