Tuesday, January 14, 2003

2175.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) and Del. Trump [By Request of the Executive] - Reorganizing the executive branch of government - To Government Organization then Finance

2176.     By Del. Amores, R. M. Thompson and Frederick - Increasing the amount in which may be expended for training of high technology business employees under the guaranteed work force program - To Education then Finance

2177.     By Del. Caputo, Butcher, DeLong, Staton, Manchin, R. Thompson and Renner - Increasing the penalty for intimidation of public officers and employees, jurors and witnesses from a misdemeanor to a felony - To Judiciary

2178.     By Del. Fleischauer, Amores, Hrutkay, Warner and Susman - Providing that certain marriages are void without the necessity of a judicial determination - To Judiciary

2179.     By Del. Fleischauer, Caputo, Poling and Martin - Accountability for Economic Development Assistance Act (FN) - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Finance

2180.     By Del. Hall and Paxton - Providing and exemption from standardized testing requirements for church schools or schools of a religious order - To Education

2181.     By Del. Kuhn, Perdue, Hrutkay, Caputo and Stemple - Including spouses and children of officers killed in the line of duty among those eligible for free tuition at state colleges (FN) - To Education then Finance

2182.     By Del. Kuhn, Perdue, Paxton, Hrutkay, Caputo and Butcher - Specifying certain certification and refresher training requirements for blasters - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Government Organization

2183.     By Del. Leach, Perdue and Craig - Increasing the penalty for the unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery or as physician assistant - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

2184.     By Del. Leach, Yeager and Amores - Requiring a vision test for renewal of a driver's license - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

2185.     By Del. Leach, Craig, Morgan and Smirl - Permitting municipalities to assess taxes and levy fees subject to local referendum (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2186.     By Del. Manchin and Stalnaker - Providing a state flag to every public school in the state (FN) - To Education then Finance

2187.     By Del. Mezzatesta and Williams - Providing that a student may receive an award from only one state-funded source - To Education

2188.     By Del. Mezzatesta and Williams - Removing the five thousand dollar per acre bonding limit relating to applications for mining permits - To Judiciary then Finance

2189.     By Del. Mezzatesta, Williams and Manuel - Providing that an insured individual's motor vehicle coverage is primary when a claim arises from the operation of a vehicle owned by a certain person, firm or corporation - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2190.     By Del. Michael and Warner - Permitting certain farm vehicles to use the highways between sunset and sunrise - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2191.     By Del. Michael, Warner, R. M. Thompson, Proudfoot and Leach - Creating an information systems disaster recovery center (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

2192.     By Del. Paxton - Increasing school service personnel employees by one pay grade after ten years of employment (FN) - To Education then Finance

2193.     By Del. Perdue - Relating to weight limits on coal conveyance vehicles - To Judiciary

2194.     By Del. Perdue and R. Thompson - Reimbursement to police agencies for training and certification costs - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

2195.     By Del. Perdue, DeLong, Manuel, Swartzmiller and Paxton - Raising the percentage of the amount of racetrack video lottery net terminal income to be placed into the pension plan for racing association employees (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2196.     By Del. Perdue, Varner, Martin, Leach, Fleischauer and Walters - Establishment of levels of apprenticeship employment on public construction projects - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

2197.     By Del. Perry, Beach, Manuel, Romine and Poling - Providing a criminal penalty for a county school board member to willfully and knowingly attemtp to exercise authority outside statutory authority (FN) - To Education then Judiciary

2198.     By Del. Perry, Williams, Shaver, Beach and Mezzatesta - Preventing chronic absences from being counted as absences in determining a school's daily average attendance - To Education then Finance

2199.     By Del. Poling - Relating to county fire service fee petitions - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2200.     By Del. Schadler - Creating the felony offense of destruction of property - To Judiciary

2201.     By Del. Shaver and Williams - Including property damage up to a value of five thousand dollars in the compensation awards to victims of crimes (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2202.     By Del. Smirl - Removing language in the seat belt law whereby enforcement is accomplished only as a secondary action - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

2203.     By Del. Smirl, Michael, Morgan and Mahan - Relating generally to the requirement of wearing seat belts in automobiles - To Judiciary

2204.     By Del. Spencer - Banning the use and possession of tobacco products by minors on school property and restricting the use of tobacco by all persons on school property - To Education

2205.     By Del. Spencer, Evans and Amores - Requiring approval by statewide referendum before the public port authority may expend certain state funds or bonds - To Finance

2206.     By Del. Stalnaker - Penalty for failing to make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to return a minor child in a timely manner at the expiration of lawful custody or visitation - To Judiciary

2207.     By Del. Stalnaker - Providing that the health care authority may not set rates for certain hospitals - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

2208.     By Del. Stalnaker - Permitting licensees to advertise the existence of beer and beer prices outside the licensee's premises - To Judiciary

2209.     By Del. Susman, Hatfield, Perdue, Leach and Campbell - Requiring county school boards to employ one school nurse for every one thousand pupils (FN) - To Education then Finance

2210.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Increasing salaries of principals and assistant principals and providing salary reduction procedures (FN) - To Education then Finance

2211.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Making larceny of municipal or voluntary fire department equipment a felony - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

2212.     By Del. Tucker, Stemple, Swartzmiller and Kominar - Increasing the criminal offense of battery to certain persons from a misdemeanor to a felony - To Judiciary

2213.     By Del. Walters - Pay incentives for teachers who teach in their core field degree (FN) - To Education then Finance

2214.     By Del. Walters, Webb and Armstead - Increasing the low income exclusion for personal income tax (FN) - To Finance

2215.     By Del. Warner - Allowing public employees twenty-five hours of paid leave per calendar year to respond as a volunteer firefighter to emergencies (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2216.     By Del. Warner - Requiring advised consent for induced abortions - To Judiciary

2217.     By Del. Warner - Increasing the health care provider tax on gross receipts of providers of nursing facility services (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

2218.     By Del. Webb - Limiting the number of video lottery terminals (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2219.     By Del. Webb - Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death to life in prison - To Judiciary

2220.     By Del. Webb - Increasing the low income exclusion for personal income tax (FN) - To Finance

2221.     By Del. Webb and Amores - Repealing sections of the code relating to dueling - To Judiciary

2222.     By Del. Webster, Manuel, Staton and Pino - Preventing the taking of checks or similar instruments to guarantee loans or cash advances - To Judiciary

2223.     By Del. Yost - Creating the West Virginia board of dental hygienists - To Government Organization