Thursday, January 16, 2003

2301.     By Del. Amores, Palumbo, Hatfield, Armstead and Foster - Providing funding for necessary care of animals seized pursuant to allegations of neglect - To Judiciary then Finance

2302.     By Del. Campbell - Providing that a governing body may not go into executive session to discuss the filling of a vacancy (FN) - To Judiciary

2303.     By Del. Campbell - Allowing a state employer or other public employer to contribute to deferred compensation plans to match employee contributions - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2304.     By Del. Doyle - Limiting the purchase of handguns to one gun per month - To Judiciary

2305.     By Del. Doyle - Tuition and fee waivers for persons enrolled at state institutions of higher education who wish to audit courses or classes (FN) - To Education then Finance

2306.     By Del. Doyle - Uniform Premarital Agreement Act - To Judiciary

2307.     By Del. Hall and Walters - Creating a criminal penalty for persons employed by any state institution of higher education, etc., who assist in or perform abortions - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

2308.     By Del. Fleischauer, Mezzatesta, Hatfield, Kominar, Amores, Susman and Doyle - Authorizing the assessor to grant or continue the homestead exemption under certain circumstances (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2309.     By Del. Fragale and Iaquinta - Allowing United States armed service personnel that have completed the graduation requirements for the PROMISE scholarship before September 1, 1998, to be eligible for the scholarship (FN) - To Education then Finance

2310.     By Del. Leggett, Yeager, Frederick, Manchin, Kominar, H. White and Romine - Establishing the duty of support of a child born out of wedlock by the natural father who is a teenager under the age of eighteen years - To Judiciary

2311.     By Del. Louisos - Creating a three person rate review board within the public service commission (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

2312.     By Del. Louisos - Amending PSC rules, accelerated rate procedures for gas, water and electric utilities - To Judiciary

2313.     By Del. Louisos - Granting high school diplomas to certain veterans - To Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security then Education

2314.     By Del. Louisos - Providing that certain discriminatory pricing practices prohibited under the federal Robinson-Patman Act are also unlawful under West Virginia law - To Judiciary

2315.     By Del. Louisos - Relating to the sales price of gasoline and prohibiting wholesalers of cigarettes from offering discounts to retailers or consumers - To Judiciary

2316.     By Del. Louisos - Requiring banks to immediately post deposits - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2317.     By Del. Louisos - Providing that the public service commission members are elected by statewide election - To Judiciary

2318.     By Del. Louisos - Providing jury trials in certain administrative proceedings involving contested cases - To Judiciary

2319.     By Del. Louisos - Providing that surplus revenues remaining in the general revenue fund after such revenues have been set aside for the revenue shortfall reserve fund shall be used to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates - To Finance

2320.     By Del. Louisos - Permitting the use of cash or a certificate of deposit in lieu of the posting of any bond requirement under state law - To Judiciary

2321.     By Del. Louisos - Providing for the election of public service commissioners - To Judiciary

2322.     By Del. Louisos - Exempting military pensions from income tax obligations (FN) - To Finance

2323.     By Del. Mezzatesta and Williams - Establishing a division of school personnel within the state department of education by July 1, 2003 (FN) - To Education

2324.     By Del. Mezzatesta and Williams - Making student financial aid a priority over other funding necessities in circumstances requiring budget reductions for an institution or commission of higher education - To Education then Finance

2325.     By Del. Mezzatesta and Williams - Establishing alternative considerations in planning construction of comprehensive high schools for counties that have existing county comprehensive vocational technical centers - To Education then Finance

2326.     By Del. Mezzatesta, Williams, Anderson and Ellem - Better Sight for Better Learning Act (FN) - To Education then Finance

2327.     By Del. Mezzatesta, Michael, Williams and Warner - Creating a charitable gaming commission to regulate and license charitable raffles and bingo (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

2328.     By Del. Paxton - Authorizing an exemption from standardized testing for children receiving an exemption from compulsory school attendance and who attend church school - To Education

2329.     By Del. Stalnaker - Requiring county commission of the county in which an indigent individual resides to pay the expenses of a commitment hearing - To Judiciary

2330.     By Del. Stemple - Relating to deferral of court costs and fees when collecting delinquent emergency ambulance bills - To Judiciary then Finance

2331.     By Del. Stemple and Williams - Creating a misdemeanor offense for the removal of vegetation, stone or sand from the lands of another - To Judiciary

2332.     By Del. Stemple, Paxton, Louisos and Canterbury - Directing the higher education policy commission to conduct certain studies and report findings to certain legislative committees - To Education

2333.     By Del. Stemple, Butcher, Coleman, Swartzmiller and Tucker - Providing that two dollars of the fees collected by the sheriff for service of process is deposited in the West Virginia deputy sheriff retirement fund - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2334.     By Del. Stemple, Swartzmiller, Coleman, Campbell, Williams and Varner - Changing the final average salary calculation in determining the benefit of a deputy sheriff retirement system member (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2335.     By Del. Susman and Mahan - Requiring the department of health and human resources to review the pay equity adjustment it made in 1999 - To Finance

2336.     By Del. Susman, Hatfield and Fleischauer - Phasing out the sales tax on food (FN) - To Finance

2337.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Authorizing service credit under public employees retirement for federal employment service (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2338.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Providing for a felony offense under the shoplifting statute - To Judiciary

2339.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Requiring the department of health and human resources to reexamine and focus on positions that did not receive pay equity adjustments in 1999 (FN) - To Finance

2340.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Granting wider authority of local fire departments to request materials and equipment to prevent further danger when dealing with an accident (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2341.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Exempting sales of propane gas for any church, religious sect, society or denomination consumption from the imposition of the excise tax on gasoline or special fuel (FN) - To Finance

2342.     By Del. R. M. Thompson - Requiring coverage by insurers for breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2343.     By Del. R. M. Thompson (By Request) - Increasing the amount of fees merchants are allowed to charge for cashing government or other checks - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2344.     By Del. Trump - Providing that honorably retire federal law-enforcement officers are exempt from payment of fees and costs required otherwise in order to carry concealed deadly weapons (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2345.     By Del. Trump and Evans - Providing for the manner of distribution of funds appropriated to the library commission for aid to libraries (FN) - To Finance

2346.     By Del. Walters - Eliminating the seventy-five percent participation requirement for certain group insurance policies (FN) - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

2347.     By Del. Walters - Authorizing colleges and universities to charge county boards of education for remedial education courses attended by West Virginia high school graduates (FN) - To Education then Finance

2348.     By Del. Warner - Allowing the use of accumulated leave to meet initial eligibility criteria for retirement - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2349.     By Del. Warner - Imposing a tax on commercial operation conducted on navigable waterways by nonresident operators (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

2350.     By Del. Webb - Allowing certain children to seek unpaid accrued child support - To Judiciary

2351.     By Del. Webb - Reducing the tax on gasoline and special fuels (FN) - To Finance

2352.     By Del. Williams - Providing that medical monitoring may not be awarded against participants in the tobacco master settlement agreement - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

2353.     By Del. Williams - Increasing a surviving spouse's death benefit under a municipal police officer's or firefighter's pension (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2354.     By Del. Varner, Stemple, Kominar, Warner, Shelton, Butcher and Ferrell - Allowing registration plates for motorcycles to be fastened in a vertical position and offering motorcycle owners the choice of vertical or horizontal plates (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

2355.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Requiring the division of highways to use salt on roads where economically feasible - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

2356.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Making reports and notices to the Legislature concerning lawsuits against government agencies exempt from civil discovery and from the freedom of information act - To Judiciary

2357.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) (By Request) - Authorizing the aeronautics commissioner to expense funds - To Finance

2358.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Allowing farm wineries to manufacture, serve and sell dessert, port, sherry and Madeira wines as well as table wines - To Finance

2359.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Allowing the state fire marshal to retain all of the special revenue fees collected by his office - To Finance

2360.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Prohibiting a municipality from closing a fire department without advance approval of the state fire marshal - To Finance

2361.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) (By Request) - Authorizing county boards of education to provide for the use of sick leave days by a surviving spouse in certain circumstances - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2362.     By Del. Fleischauer, Webster, Brown, Hatfield, Doyle and Amores - Requiring a physician to obtain the informed consent of his or her patient before ending the patient's pregnancy by inducing an abortion - To Judiciary