Friday, February 21, 2003

3090.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Updating the interest provisions of the tax law to make them more fair (FN) - To Finance

3091.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) (By Request) - Combining the board of examiners for registered professional nurses with the board of examiners for licensed practical nurses - To Government Organization

3092.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Amores and Fleischauer - Clarifying the prohibited discrimination and changing the employee's remedy for a violation of prohibited acts - To Government Organization then Judiciary

3093.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Staton, Kominar and Trump - Requiring county commissions to follow geographic physical features recognized by the United States Census Bureau when determining precinct boundaries - To Judiciary

3094.     By Del. Caruth, Frich, Border, Frederick, Schoen and Howard - Enhancing criminal penalties for obtaining money, property and services by false pretenses from persons sixty-five years of age and older - To Judiciary

3095.     By Del. Craig, Foster, Amores, Kominar, Morgan, Smirl and Pino - Authorizing the tax commissioner to disclose to the treasurer certain information that would facilitate locating the owners of uncashed and unclaimed income tax refund checks - To Judiciary then Finance

3096.     By Del. Craig, Howard, Leach, Morgan, Smirl, Webb and Kominar - Authorizing cooperation of campus police with other law-enforcement agencies - To Judiciary

3097.     By Del. Craig, Leach, Morgan, Smirl, Beach and Amores - Prescribing proper venue in civil actions involving West Virginia university and Marshall university - To Judiciary

3098.     By Del. Fleischauer, Amores, Webster, Hrutkay, Foster, Palumbo and Staton - Providing a right to DNA testing for imprisoned felons and requiring certain physical evidence be preserved (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3099.     By Del. Martin, Manuel, Butcher, Beane, Kuhn and Hrutkay - Relating to the compensation of sheriffs, county clerks and circuit clerks - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

3100.     By Del. Sobonya, Hall and Blair - Prohibiting school employees from counseling, referring, transporting or assisting any student to obtain an abortion - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3101.     By Del. Staton - Exempting from requirements of the medicaid preferred drug list certain patients who have a high risk of hospitalization or institutionalization without appropriate medication (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3102.     By Del. Staton, Browning and Yeager - Requiring the department of environmental protection to maintain an office in southern West Virginia (FN) - To Finance

3103.     By Del. Swartzmiller, Kominar, Beach, Varner, Ennis and Beane - Defining athletic trainers and establishing a licensing board - To Government Organization

3104.     By Del. Warner - Providing for commercial work orders for vehicle and equipment repair, establishing criteria for commercial vehicle and equipment repair vendors and requiring a cost effectiveness analysis for issuing commercial work orders (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

3105.     By Del. H. White - Eliminating the interest payment on any untimely provider paid claims for health care services if the amount of interest is less than one dollar - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3106.     By Del. Williams, Mezzatesta, Beane, Michael, Evans, Anderson and Border - Defining, developing and regulating the keeping of privately owned deer as an agricultural enterprise in this state (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

3107.     By Del. Williams, Warner and Mezzatesta - Clarifying that a person providing medical records are not required to demonstrate actual expenses incurred in order to receive full reimbursement of the copying and search fees established by law - To Judiciary

3108.     By Del. Fleischauer, Varner, Beane, Stemple, Palumbo, Foster and Manchin - Making all business entity filing requirements consistent with the corporation requirements under the new corporation laws (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3109.     By Del. Warner - Bringing the provisions of the teachers defined contribution retirement system in conformity with those of the teachers retirement system - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

3110.     By Del. Michael, Doyle and Cann - Transferring motor vehicle inspection duties from the state police to the commissioner of the division of motor vehicles (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

3111.     By Del. Spencer, Palumbo, Hatfield and Mahan - Excluding the Monday or the day before election day for regular absentee voting (FN) - To Judiciary

3112.     By Del. Webster, Brown, Martin and Hatfield - Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal police and fire departments - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

3113.     By Del. Caruth, Walters, H. White, Frich, Long, Frederick and Trump - Providing a procedure to permit owners of mobile homes to obtain cancellation of certificates of title when the mobile home is permanently attached to the owner's real estate - To Judiciary

3114.     By Del. Varner, Kominar, Swartzmiller, Cann, Williams and Stemple - Directing the public service commission to implement the West Virginia 211 information and referral system (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3115.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Armstead, Williams, Canterbury, Sobonya and Sumner - Instituting a "Celebrate Freedom Week" and requiring the instruction in the study of the Declaration of the Independence and other founding American historical documents - To Education

3116.     By Del. Armstead, Palumbo, Calvert, Trump, Cann, Amores and Smirl - Relating to wage payment and collection generally - To Judiciary

3117.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Staton, Amores, Pino, Kuhn, Cann and Michael - Requiring contractors bidding on public works construction projects to submit valid bid bonds in their proposals and to direct how public bids are received - To Judiciary

3118.     By Del. Campbell (By Request) and Canterbury (By Request) - Increasing the salary of public service district board members (FN) - To Finance

3119.     By Del. Michael, Boggs, Leach and H. White - Relating to insurance fraud generally - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3120.     By Del. Michael, R. M. Thompson, Cann, H. White and Trump - Excluding mortgage brokers from the credit services organization act and establishing additional consumer protections in the mortgage brokers licensing act - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3121.     By Del. Howard, Carmichael, Hamilton, Perry, Crosier, Craig and Trump - Authorizing home incarceration supervisors to arrest persons who obstruct them in the performance of their duties - To Judiciary

3122.     By Del. Manuel, Caputo, Amores, Doyle, Tabb and Webster - Providing for the interception of lottery winnings when the winner is a debtor of a state agency or court or is in arrears in the payment of court ordered restitution to a victim of a crime (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3123.     By Del. Leach, Kominar, Craig, Hrutkay, Varner, Morgan and Smirl - Establishing a permanent statewide trail plan coordinator - To Government Organization

3124.     By Del. Manuel, Doyle and Tabb - Requiring nongovernmental members on the motorcycle awareness board reside in differing geographical regions of the state - To Government Organization

3125.     By Del. Overington, Caruth, Sumner, R. M. Thompson, Stalnaker, Calvert and Evans - Exempting construction performed on behalf of county and municipal governments from prevailing wage requirements - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3126.     By Del. Stalnaker and Amores - Establishing a pilot project designed to improve the voluntary commitment process - To Judiciary

3127.     By Del. Stemple, Crosier and G. White - Providing that the arresting agency pays the cost incurred for the initial twenty-four hours of incarceration for each inmate they arrest and incarcerate (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3128.     By Del. Susman, Yeager, Poling, Martin, Ennis, Fleischauer and Perdue - Providing insurance coverage for osteoporosis screening and treatment (FN) - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

3129.     By Del. Webster, Doyle, Manuel, Amores, Brown, Ellem and Kominar - Requiring racial profiling data collection by law-enforcement officers and agencies each time a motorist is stopped for an alleged violation of the law - To Judiciary

3130.     By Del. Fleischauer - Providing an additional requirement that an adoptive placement with grandparents be determined to be in the best interest of the child - To Judiciary

3131.     By Del. Kominar, Varner, Williams, Swartzmiller and Stemple - Allowing bail bondsmen to deliver offenders to county and regional jails without bailpiece, setting requirements and penalties - To Judiciary

3132.     By Del. Kuhn and Beane - Requiring that all retail fuel dispensers be equipped with a working filter system and reducing the amount of allowable water in retail fuel storage tanks - To Judiciary

3133.     By Del. Spencer, Hatfield, Beane and R. Thompson - Requiring that proposed county zoning ordinances be submitted for approval, providing for zoning by referendum and allowing county local option zoning - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

3134.     By Del. Overington - Providing for the redistricting office of the joint committee on government and finance to propose redistricting plans during census years - To Judiciary

3135.     By Del. Frederick, Long, Kominar and Caruth - Providing that the reduction in the tax rate provided in this section applies to mines operating before the effective date of the applicable provision (FN) - To Finance

3136.     By Del. Blair - Providing West Virginia students with a partial PROMISE scholarship for schooling outside this state for the reason that no in-state institution offers a course for a major or a degree in the student's desired field (FN) - To Education then Finance

3137.     By Del. Leach, Campbell, Kominar, Morgan, Craig, Smirl and Boggs - Implementing a transportation and economic development information system (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

3138.     By Del. Azinger and Evans - Imposing an excise tax on the sale or rental of obscene materials - To Finance

3139.     By Del. Perdue - Updating the West Virginia Works Act (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3140.     By Del. Poling, Boggs, Manuel, Fragale, Yeager, Susman and Romine - Increasing the number of members that constitute the public employees insurance agency finance board - To Government Organization

3141.     By Del. Proudfoot - Requiring the contractor licensing board to provide renewal notice to licensees (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

3142.     By Del. Schoen, Carmichael and Caputo - Making it unlawful to offer for sale or sell products created wholly or in part by county or regional jail inmates - To Judiciary

3143.     By Del. Spencer, Manuel and Webster - Providing for the screening of newborn children for sickle cell disease (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3144.     By Del. Susman, Yeager, Leach, Poling, Boggs, Houston and Mezzatesta - Providing for the appointment of a blind person as an ad hoc nonvoting member of the state library commission to serve as an advisor (FN) - To Government Organization

3145.     By Del. Webb, Walters and Armstead - Redistributing a portion of the net terminal income from racetrack video lottery to the workers compensation fund and to the senior citizens fund - To Finance

3146.     By Del. Webster - Requiring the department of health and human resources to implement individual development accounts using the temporary assistance for needy families fund (FN) - To Finance

3147.     By Del. Webster - Including sexual orientation and disability as bias-based civil rights violation for purposes of criminal responsibility - To Judiciary

3148.     By Del. Webster - Adding "sexual orientation" to the categories covered by the human rights act - To Judiciary

3149.     By Del. Williams - Relating to county school boards generally (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3150.     By Del. Calvert, Amores, Craig and Palumbo - Barring state officers, agencies or entities from requiring that surety, payment, performance or bid bonds be obtained from any particular company - To Judiciary

3151.     By Del. Perdue - Establishing a school of pharmacy at the university of Charleston (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3152.     By Del. R. Thompson, Webster and Hrutkay - Permitting the consumer advocate to act as the manager of consumer activities in the insurance commission - To Banking and Insurance then Government Organization

3153.     By Del. Warner - Relating to medical professional liability actions, suits and arbitration - To Judiciary

3154.     By Del. Warner - Making it a criminal offense to intentionally throw objects from a motor vehicle at another motor vehicle or pedestrian - To Judiciary

3155.     By Del. Amores, Craig, Varner, Armstead, Brown and Kominar - Maintaining the security and confidentiality of business processes - To Judiciary

3156.     By Del. Hall and Paxton - Requiring establishments serving prepared food to the public for consumption to allow people with special dietary restrictions to bring certain foods with them (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3157.     By Del. Sumner, Sobonya, Wakim, Frich, Howard, Schoen and Ellem - Relating generally to the comprehensive reform of the state's tax laws (FN) - To Finance

3158.     By Del. Michael and Mezzatesta - Excluding premedicare retirees from a retiree subsidy for health insurance through the public employees insurance agency - To Finance

3159.     By Del. Carmichael - Increasing the tax on beer, wine and alcoholic liquors by fifty percent (FN) - To Finance

3160.     By Del. Armstead, Carmichael, Walters, Webb, Calvert, Howard and Hamilton - Prohibiting the use of state funds to promote or advertise legal gaming - To Judiciary then Finance

3161.     By Del. Boggs and Leggett - Requiring certain basic cable service be provided by cable television systems and penalties for failure to provide that service - To Judiciary

3162.     By Del. Carmichael - Increasing the rate of the tax on cigarettes and reducing the consumer sales tax on food sold for home consumption (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3163.     By Del. Carmichael - Eliminating the food sales tax on food not consumed on the premises (FN) - To Finance

3164.     By Del. Carmichael - Relating to a tax exemption on certain sales of clothing (FN) - To Finance

3165.     By Del. Carmichael - Relating to a tax exemption on sales, except for beer, liquors, wines, gasoline and special fuels (FN) - To Finance

3166.     By Del. Carmichael - Increasing the tax on smokeless tobacco products by fifty percent (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3167.     By Del. Ellem, Anderson, Azinger, Border and Beane - Including lump sum payments for accumulated leave in the average final salary of a member of the teachers retirement system (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

3168.     By Del. Fragale and Iaquinta - Defining "felony offense" to include a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor as the result of bargaining down from a felony charge - To Judiciary

3169.     By Del. Kominar, Varner and Swartzmiller - Requiring the ethics commission to publish ethics and open governmental proceedings advisory opinions on the internet - To Judiciary

3170.     By Del. Michael - Providing an adjustable interest rate for prejudgment and post-judgment awards - To Judiciary

3171.     By Del. Overington - Extending to workers the freedom of prosecuting his or her employment without the interference of labor organizations - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3172.     By Del. Howard, Armstead, Hamilton, Carmichael, Calvert and Louisos - Establishing the child internet protection act - To Judiciary

3173.     By Del. Staton, R. Thompson, Perdue and Butcher - Changing the deposit requirement for new applicants of water, sewer, stormwater or gas to be paid to the public service districts - To Judiciary

3174.     By Del. Frederick, Long, Kominar and Caruth - Creating the "West Virginia Joint Coal Owners Trust and Conservation Act" - To Judiciary

3175.     By Del. Perdue (By Request) - Creating the classification of athletic administrator under the school service personnel classification system (FN) - To Education then Finance

3176.     By Del. Stemple, Spencer, Long, H. White and Ashley - Relating to selection of prescription drugs for inclusion on the medicaid preferred drug list based on safety, effectiveness and clinical outcomes - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

3177.     By Del. Overington and Trump - Establishing prevailing hourly rates to be used in connection with the construction of public improvements - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3178.     By Del. Overington - Holding elected officials to the same ethical standards as private officials in preventing influence buying - To Judiciary

3179.     By Del. Browning and Staton - Extending the compulsory period of school attendance to age eighteen and authorizing alternative required attendance - To Education

3180.     By Del. Duke and Blair - Authorizing counties and municipalities to increase the hotel occupancy tax (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

3181.     By Del. Fleischauer, Perdue, Foster, Hatfield, Susman, Schadler and Brown - Providing a more effective and efficient operation of the state's vital statistics system and making the system more consistent with national model legislation - To Government Organization then Finance

3182.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Requiring proposals from attorneys to collect workers' compensation premiums to be on both an hourly and a contingent fee basis - To Finance

3183.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Amores, Webb and Faircloth - Clarifying procedures in child neglect and abuse cases when a child is born to a parent whose rights were previously terminated - To Judiciary

3184.     By Del. Warner - Making it a misdemeanor for a person to fail to appear for court - To Judiciary

3185.     By Del. Warner - Making it a misdemeanor for a defendant to fail to appear for court - To Judiciary

3186.     By Del. Warner and Boggs - Imposing a tax on railroads on fees collected from public and quasi-public utilities - To Finance