Monday, February 3, 2003

2832.     By Del. Armstead, Border, Smirl, Hall, Frich, Howard and Blair - Prohibiting cloning of human beings and embryos and prescribing a criminal penalty for a violation - To Judiciary

2833.     By Del. Brown, Manuel, Doyle, Webster, Staton and Mahan - Requiring verification of notice to adjoining landowners of timbering operations and notification of duration of these operations - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary

2834.     By Del. Caputo, Manchin, Kuhn and Fragale - Disallowing the granting of probation to persons convicted of distributing controlled substances - To Judiciary

2835.     By Del. Ennis, Manchin, Poling, Shelton, Tucker, Smirl and Wakim - Creating a special revenue fund for receipt of gifts, donations, etc. to support the operation of veterans facilities created by statute - To Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance

2836.     By Del. Foster, Palumbo, Long and Frich - Requiring all-terrain vehicles used off of private property to be registered with the DMV - To Judiciary then Finance

2837.     By Del. Hrutkay, Butcher, R. Thompson and Martin - Clarifying the qualifications of persons eligible to obtain a Class Q hunting permit - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

2838.     By Del. Kuhn - Granting incremental salary increases to division of corrections employees based on years of service (FN) - To Finance

2839.     By Del. Kuhn - West Virginia Division of Corrections Retirement System Act (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2840.     By Del. Leach, Craig, Morgan, Smirl, Sobonya and Howard - Increasing the number of members on the Greater Huntington Park and make other changes in the act - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

2841.     By Del. Leach, Beane, Campbell, Mezzatesta, Michael, R. M. Thompson and Ashley - Creating a medicaid buy-in program for working individuals with disabilities (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

2842.     By Del. Louisos - Providing a process for public funding of elections for the governor, attorney general, auditor, commissioner of agriculture, secretary of state, treasurer and members of the Legislature - To Judiciary then Finance

2843.     By Del. Mahan, Faircloth, Pethtel, Pino, Fleischauer, Palumbo and Schadler - Enacting the federally required provisions of the "Help America Vote Act of 2002" - To Judiciary

2844.     By Del. Perry, Shelton, Stemple and Ashley - Authorizing black bear hunting outfitters with dogs to conduct hunting expeditions for profit (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

2845.     By Del. Perry, Ennis, Pino, Morgan, Paxton and Cann - Providing salary increases for school service personnel (FN) - To Education then Finance

2846.     By Del. Stemple, Boggs, Mezzatesta and Stalnaker - Adding professional surveyors to the list of professionals who may organize professional limited liability companies - To Judiciary

2847.     By Del. Stemple, Crosier, Williams, Kominar and Cann - Making the law-enforcement agency that places a person under arrest responsible for that person's initial transportation to a regional or county jail - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

2848.     By Del. Stemple, Swartzmiller, Crosier, Williams, Kominar and Cann - Increasing the fee charged by the sheriff for service of process (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2849.     By Del. Susman, Fleischauer, Houston, Yeager, Poling, Manuel and Crosier - Preventing insurers from failing to renew an automobile liability or property damage policy for acts of God, excluding damage by floods - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2850.     By Del. Williams, Pethtel, Beach and Cann - Providing protection for school employees who are being harassed - To Education then Judiciary