Monday, February 10, 2003

1:00 P.M.


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2008 -    Providing good-faith background checks for law-enforcement personnel (Original similar to S. B. 86)

H. B. 2802 -          Providing for a legal description in deeds creating an easement right-of-way

H. B. 2879 -          Continuing the West Virginia commission on holocaust education


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2266 -    Providing authority for state fire marshals to cooperate with and assist other law-enforcement agencies

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2281 -    Raising the allowable earnings limit of higher education faculty who retired under the severance plan (Original similar to S. B. 425) (effective from passage)

H. B. 2383 -          Requiring the state department of education to submit a comprehensive teacher certification plan to LOCEA for adopting prior to July 1, 2003 (effective from passage)

H. B. 2763 -          Allowing original equipment mounted auxiliary lighting devices for use only when the vehicle is used off road (Original same as S. B. 370) (effective from passage)

H. B. 2888 -          Continuing the board of osteopathy

H. B. 2889 -          Continuing the board of examiners of psychologists


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2190 -    Permitting certain farm vehicles to use the highways between sunset and sunrise

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2239 -    Requiring foreign collection agencies to obtain a certificate of authority from the secretary of state

H. B. 2669 -          Hazardous waste management (Original same as S. B. 335)

H. B. 2916 -          Continuing the state geological and economic survey