Friday, March 7, 2003

11:00 A.M.


S. B. 198 -           Creating presumption that assessed value of property is correct; exception


Com. Sub. for S. B. 181 -     Relating to compulsory school attendance and home school instruction (Committee amendment pending) (Original similar to H.B. 3031)

Com. Sub. for S. B. 372 -     Allowing state police to engage in political activities in certain cases

S. B. 443 -           Establishing economic and infrastructure projects under development office guidelines

Com. Sub. for S. B. 535 -     Providing mandatory carding for all purchasers of nonintoxicating beer, wine and liquor; liability protection

S. B. 553 -           Prohibiting killing bears weighing less than certain amount (Committee amendment pending) (Original similar to H.B. 2844)

Com. Sub. for S. B. 558 -     Establishing County and Municipal Economic Opportunity Development District Acts (Committee amendment pending) (Original same as H.B. 3044) (Effect from passage)

S. B. 658 -           Making supplementary appropriation to department of health and human resources, division of human services, James "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Fund (Effect from passage)

S. B. 659 -           Making supplementary appropriation to state board of examiners for licensed practical nurses (Effect from passage)

S. B. 660 -           Supplementing, amending, reducing and increasing items from state road fund to department of transportation, division of highways (Effect from passage)

H. B. 3211 -          Expiring funds to the unappropriated surplus balance in the state fund, general revenue (Effect from passage)

H. B. 3212 -        Expiring funds to the department of military affairs and public safety -West Virginia state police - surplus real property process fund (Effect from passage)