Friday, February 7, 2003

House Concurrent Resolutions   

28.  By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Renaming the Barrackville Bridge on Route 21, in Marion County, the "Oce Smith Bridge" - To Rules

29.  By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Renaming the Mannington Bridge in Marion County, on Route 11, the "Regillo Brothers Bridge" - To Rules

30.  By Del. Yeager, Boggs, Paxton, Poling, Stemple, Swartzmiller, R. Thompson, Anderson, Evans, Leggett and Overington - Expressing thanks and offering praise to those individuals responsible for the statewide Trails Plan and submitting an endorsement for the plan - To Rules

31.  By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Dedicating the Hough Street Bridge in Mannington, Marion County, in memory of Sammie W. Hunter - To Rules

32.  By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Dedicating the Watson Veterans Bridge over the West Fork River in Watson, Marion County, to the "Senior Citizens of Watson" - To Rules

House Joint Resolution

14.  By Del. Overington, Frich, Armstead, Sumner, Sobonya, Wakim and Howard - Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment - To Constitutional Revision then Judiciary