Tuesday, February 11, 2003

House Concurrent Resolutions   

33.  By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Mahan, Brown, Staton, Amores, Michael, Fleischauer, Hatfield, Hrutkay, Leach, Palumbo, Campbell, Swartzmiller, Frich, Webster, Beane, Kominar, Mezzatesta, Pino, Varner, Warner, Anderson, Faircloth, Smirl, Trump, Hall, Calvert, Houston, Poling, Renner, Schoen, Sobonya, Spencer, Sumner, Susman and Yeager - Expressing the ideal that a woman should be added to the West Virginia State seal in recognition of the achievements and endeavors of West Virginia's women - To House Rules

34.  By Del. Ennis, Swartzmiller, Browning, Manchin, Butcher, Kuhn, Paxton, Poling, Shelton, Tucker, H. White, Yeager, Azinger, Ashley, Ellem, Howard, Smirl and Webb - Requesting a study of adding wheelchair accessible ramps and covered walkways to the wings of the state capitol - To House Rules

35.  By Del. Hatfield, Mezzatesta, Michael, Williams and Carmichael - Requesting a study of the shortage of qualified nursing personnel to be involved in various studies - To House Rules

36.  By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Directing the state lottery commission to honor its duty and commitment that one-third of the appropriations of the proceeds from the lottery go to senior citizens programs - To House Rules

37.  By Del. Susman, Houston, Browning, Mahan, Michael, Staton, Fleischauer, Campbell and Poling - Requesting a study of planning for the safe evacuation from the state capitol complex of people with disabilities - To House Rules