Wednesday, January 21, 2004

4085.     By Del. Beane - Clarifying certain terms related to the Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Act - To Government Organization

4086.     By Del. Beane - Including Gulf War and Afghanistan conflict veterans on the veterans' council - To Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security then Government Organization

4087.     By Del. Browning, Staton and Beane - Authorizing county commissions to enact ordinances prohibiting cats from running at large - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary

4088.     By Del. Browning, G. White and Staton - Preventing a reduction in the annuity of a person who retires with disability retirement at age sixty-five - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4089.     By Del. Browning, G. White and Staton - Providing a one-time supplement to certain public employee retirement system annuitants (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4090.     By Del. Browning, G. White and Staton - Allowing a state employer or other public employer to contribute to deferred compensation plans to match employee contributions - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4091.     By Del. Hall - Providing intent to commit "a crime" as an element of the offense of breaking and entering in place of "commit a felony or any larceny" - To Judiciary

4092.     By Del. Iaquinta and Caputo - Increasing the amount of mine subsidence insurance reinsured by the board of risk management - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

4093.     By Del. Sobonya, Canterbury, Hamilton, Howard, Foster, Brown and Sumner - Exempting certain recipients of military medals of valor from special registration plate fees (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4094.     By Del. Sobonya, Howard and Crosier - Providing a state income tax exemption to retired federal employees (FN) - To Finance

4095.     By Del. Sobonya, Sumner, Howard, Canterbury, Hamilton, Foster and Brown - Prohibiting the elected or appointed public officials from using their names or likenesses under certain specific circumstances - To Judiciary

4096.     By Del. Stalnaker - Increasing the veterinary fee for each cat and dog vaccinated for rabies - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

4097.     By Del. Staton, Amores, Kominar and Pino - Clarifying those persons or entities responsible for paying certain fees assessed by the clerk of the circuit court for processing of criminal bonds and bailpiece - To Judiciary

4098.     By Del. Sumner, Renner, Sobonya, Schoen and Duke - Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected official by any governmental entity in this state - To Judiciary

4099.     By Del. Swartzmiller and Ennis - Requiring registered sex offenders to be issued special driver's licenses and motor vehicle registration plates that identifies the person as a registered sex offender - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary