Wednesday, January 28, 2004

4148.     By Del. Brown, DeLong, Mahan, R. Thompson, Armstead, Calvert and Faircloth - Allowing bail bondsmen to deliver offenders to county or regional jails without bailpiece if a magistrate or circuit clerk is inaccessible - To Judiciary

4149.     By Del. Hamilton, Poling, Canterbury, Howard, Duke, Sumner and Manuel - Providing for the continuance of medical coverage for the spouse of a deceased retired employee for any period previously purchased with accumulated leave - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4150.     By Del. Hrutkay - Requiring a seller or a seller's agent at closing to disclose the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all utilities providing service to the real estate involved in the transaction - To Judiciary

4151.     By Del. Hrutkay - Requiring county boards of education to establish the daily observance of a minute of silence in all county schools - To Education then Judiciary

4152.     By Del. Hrutkay - Creating an efficient and expeditious procedure for finalizing wrongful death settlements and resolving conflicting claims as to appropriate distribution - To Judiciary

4153.     By Del. Poling, Hrutkay, R. Thompson, Manuel, Howard, Sobonya and Caputo - Requiring minimal additional pay for certain classified employees who agree to work on weekends and removing provisions that incremental salary increases for classified employees be paid from existing funds (FN) - To Finance

4154.     By Del. R. M. Thompson, Perry, G. White and Hrutkay - Requiring a license for entities that only take assignment of regulated consumer loans or for entities that only service regulated consumer loans - To Judiciary

4155.     By Del. R. M. Thompson, Perry, G. White, Iaquinta and Hrutkay - Allowing state-chartered banks to organize as limited liability companies if the FDIC determines they are eligible for deposit insurance - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

4156.     By Del. Webster, Brown, Mahan, R. Thompson, Armstead, Calvert and Faircloth - Providing the West Virginia state police with the ability to define and draw DNA samples from convicted felons for the purpose of maintaining a DNA database - To Judiciary