Friday, February 6, 2004

4328.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Creating an indigent defense commission to advise the executive director on policies and procedures of public defender services - To Judiciary then Finance

4329.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Caputo, Browning, Warner, Staton, Amores and Carmichael - Permitting a retired member of the state police to carry a concealed weapon for the duration of the member's life - To Judiciary

4330.     By Del. Beane, Butcher, Ferrell, Yeager, Blair, Romine and Schoen - Revising the law governing vital records - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4331.     By Del. Beane, Ennis, Hatfield, Perdue, Yost, Leggett and Azinger - Modernizing the law governing land use planning - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4332.     By Del. Boggs, Pino, Pethtel, DeLong, Warner, Varner and Ellem - Establishing criminal penalties for interfering with medical treatment of a railroad employee injured during the course of employment - To Judiciary

4333.     By Del. Brown, Hatfield and Foster - Authorizing counties and municipalities to apply to the department of transportation to require train locomotives to reduce noise at railroad crossings - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4334.     By Del. Campbell, Michael, Warner, Staton, Boggs, Cann and Canterbury - Creating the joint commission on technology and advanced communications - To Government Organization

4335.     By Del. Kuhn, Butcher, Manchin, Yeager, Blair, Romine and Schoen - Revising the law governing the West Virginia board of professional surveyors - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4336.     By Del. Leach, Michael, Perdue and Susman - Limiting financial assistance from the housing development fund to nonresidential projects - To Judiciary

4337.     By Del. Long, Foster, Amores and Beane - Relieving health care providers of liability where an injury has resulted from a prescribed drug or medical device - To Judiciary

4338.     By Del. Mezzatesta - Providing for the issuance of special registration plates promoting education and using the special fee for the registration plates to fund transportation for school trips for academic purposes - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4339.     By Del. Michael - Clarifying the imposition of consumers sales and service tax on purchases made by providers of professional or personal services - To Finance

4340.     By Del. Michael - Clarifying that the exemptions from sales tax for certain purchases by transmission and transportation businesses does not apply to other businesses engaging in transmission or transportation activities - To Finance

4341.     By Del. Michael - Relating generally to the motor fuels excise tax - To Finance

4342.     By Del. Michael - Exempting prescription drugs and insulin from the consumers sales tax when sold to patients and deleting the exemption for sales of motor homes to be used as a principal residence - To Finance

4343.     By Del. Perry, Pino, Cann, Morgan, Hrutkay and Foster - Granting campus police officers law-enforcement powers at private institutions of higher education in this state - To Judiciary

4344.     By Del. Trump, Border, Sumner, Duke, Hall and Walters - Reducing the consumers sales tax on food (FN) - To Finance

4345.     By Del. Trump, Carmichael, Blair, Frich, Caruth and Walters - Phasing out and abolishing the business franchise tax (FN) - To Finance

4346.     By Del. Trump, Schadler, Caruth, Sobonya, Frich and Walters - Reducing the blood alcohol content threshold for DUI to .08 - To Judiciary

4347.     By Del. Border, Trump, Azinger and Houston - Establishing the crime of partial birth infanticide - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary