Friday, February 13, 2004

4454.     By Del. Walters - Establishing the performance based permitting act - To Judiciary

4455.     By Del. Warner and Michael - Extending the term of the waste tire remediation funds (FN) - To Finance

4456.     By Del. Warner, Iaquinta, Coleman, Cann and Fragale - Extending the time for the Harrison County commission to submit a proposed levy to the Harrison County voters for approval or rejection intended to finance vital public services - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4457.     By Del. Webb - Limiting a lobbyist from lobbying a current government officer or employee until one year after employment with the government ceased - To Judiciary

4458.     By Del. Webb (By Request) - Requiring licensed private investigators and guards to carry and display photographic identification cards - To Judiciary

4459.     By Del. Webb (By Request) - Prohibiting vehicles equipped with a hitch from being left with hitch tongues inserted in the hitch when the hitch tongue is not in use - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4460.     By Del. Webb, Hrutkay, Wright, Kuhn, Butcher and Ferrell - Providing for one family court circuit comprising the county of Lincoln and one family court circuit comprising of Boone county (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4461.     By Del. Webb, Louisos, Perry, Talbott, Pino, Shelton and Stemple - Providing for one family court circuit comprising the counties of Clay and Webster and one family court circuit comprising Nicholas county (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4462.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Yeager, Browning, Staton and H. White - Relating to solid waste facilities handling in excess of thirty thousand tons of solid waste per month - To Judiciary then Finance

4463.     By Del. Caruth, R. M. Thompson, Frederick, Long, Browning, Staton and Yeager - Changing the name of Concord College to Concord University - To Education then Finance

4464.     By Del. Craig, Morgan, Leach, Smirl, Howard and Sobonya - Extending the time for the county commission of Cabell County to present to the voters an election to consider an excess levy for fire protection services, firefighting training and economic development - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4465.     By Del. Foster, Palumbo, Webb and Perdue - Requiring physical education programs in the public schools to promote healthy exercise and increase awareness of the benefits of physical activities - To Education then Finance

4466.     By Del. Howard, Carmichael, Craig, Morgan, Sobonya and Leach - Increasing the penalty for driving under the influence causing death - To Judiciary

4467.     By Del. Mahan, Amores, Fleischauer and Webb - Relating to the payment of expert fees in child abuse and neglect cases - To Judiciary

4468.     By Del. Manuel, Doyle and Tabb - Allowing housing development authorities to pay for persons of eligible income the costs of preparation and recording of any title instrument, deed of trust, note or security instrument and the amount of impact fees imposed - To Judiciary then Finance

4469.     By Del. Manuel, Warner, Pino, Faircloth and Michael - Allowing the commissioner of the division of corrections to increase the parolee supervision fee (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4470.     By Del. Manuel, Warner, Pino and Michael - Allowing "good time" for inmates in the custody of the division of corrections to be credited presumptively at the beginning of an inmates sentence (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4471.     By Del. Manuel, Warner, Pino, Michael and Faircloth - Specifying that a young adult offender found unfit to remain at a center for young adult offenders is entitled to a hearing before the committing court - To Judiciary

4472.     By Del. Pino and Michael - Allowing victims of crime to be notified by telephone when a specified defendant is released from custody - To Judiciary

4473.     By Del. Spencer, Palumbo, Perdue, Amores and Webster - Developing a procedure to notify licensed professionals who are mandated to report child abuse and neglect of the disposition of the investigation into the report - To Judiciary

4474.     By Del. Stalnaker, Kominar, H. White, Michael, Mezzatesta and Amores - Making it a felony offense for stealing lottery tickets - To Judiciary

4475.     By Del. Trump and Blair - Requiring the division of corrections to reimburse a county for the per diem costs the county has incurred in maintaining a person in a regional jail under certain circumstances (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4476.     By Del. Warner, Pino, Faircloth and Michael - Providing procedures for determining the cost per day for inmates incarcerated in facilities operated by the regional jail and correctional authority - To Judiciary then Finance

4477.     By Del. Yeager and Poling - Increasing the issuance fees for hunting and fishing licenses (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance