Tuesday, February 24, 2004

4593.     By Del. Amores and Kominar - Relating to compressed gas container safe transport - To Judiciary

4594.     By Del. Amores, Kominar and Webb - Creating an office of inspector general within the department of health and human resources - To Government Organization then Finance

4595.     By Del. Boggs, Swartzmiller and Hamilton - Requiring that annual reports be recorded on CD-Rom for distribution - To Government Organization

4596.     By Del. Campbell - Allowing municipal police and fire pension plans to use the actuarial examination by the State in lieu of obtaining its own actuary - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4597.     By Del. Long and Browning - Exempting certain prescription drugs from the medicaid preferred drug list (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

4598.     By Del. Mahan, Amores and Palumbo - Restricting courts from requiring conditions on the out of home placement of children inconsistent with existing licensing regulations - To Judiciary

4599.     By Del. Stemple, Spencer, Boggs, Proudfoot, Shaver, Beach and Pethtel - Removing the seasonal restriction concerning when cultivated ginseng may be harvested - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary

4600.     By Del. Michael and Proudfoot - Limiting the annexation authority of municipalities - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary