Wednesday, February 25, 2004

4602.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Caputo, Staton, Mahan, Amores, Varner and Fleischauer - Allowing members of the state police to engage in certain political activities while out of uniform and off duty - To Judiciary

4603.     By Del. Campbell - Providing that rights of deceased retired participants to interest is to be included in the calculation of terminal benefits payable - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4604.     By Del. Amores, Fleischauer, Perdue, Armstead, Webster and Brown - Relating to the establishment of subpoena power for the secretary and the board of review of the department of health and human resources - To Judiciary

4605.     By Del. Amores, Fleischauer, Mahan, Brown, Webster and Faircloth - Clarifying certain provisions of the West Virginia Code as they relate to domestic violence offenses and related protective orders that are issued by various courts - To Judiciary

4606.     By Del. Cann, Kominar, H. White, Foster and Stalnaker - Creating of a health care providers lien - To Judiciary

4607.     By Del. Cann, Pethtel, Frederick, Palumbo and Caruth - Conferring the duties of the industrial revenue bond allocation review committee to the board of the West Virginia economic development authority - To Finance

4608.     By Del. Caruth, Trump, Howard, Frich, Sumner, Sobonya and Canterbury - Simplifying the reciprocity process between states regarding concealed handgun permits - To Judiciary

4609.     By Del. Fleischauer, Caputo, Fragale, Susman, Manchin, G. White and Craig - Including faculty employees at state institutions of higher education as state employees who receive increment pay (FN) - To Education then Finance

4610.     By Del. Fleischauer, Hrutkay, Long, Mezzatesta, Staton, Talbott and Overington - Creating a multidisciplinary citizen panel to review the policies, procedures and, when appropriate, specific cases handled by child protective services - To Government Organization then Finance

4611.     By Del. Hamilton, Louisos and Romine - Requiring the department of health and human resources to enforce specific abortion clinic regulations - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4612.     By Del. Hatfield, Fleischauer and Caputo - Establishing a credentialing program for dialysis technicians by the board of registered professional nurses (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

4613.     By Del. Kominar and Faircloth - Relating to the employment of home incarceration supervisors - To Judiciary

4614.     By Del. Kominar, Faircloth and Craig - Providing for the certification of persons who perform evaluations to determine if defendants charged with crimes are competent to stand trial or are not guilty by reason of mental illness - To Judiciary

4615.     By Del. Michael - Relating generally to on-line lottery games allowed under state lottery act - To Judiciary then Finance

4616.     By Del. Staton, Amores and Caruth - Allowing municipalities to charge a sewer fee to the occupants of any business or residence that abuts a municipal sewer and collect a deposit from all new applicants for water or sewer service (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4617.     By Del. Swartzmiller - Providing that Class I, II and III municipalities may purchase real estate at tax sales - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4618.     By Del. Webb - Exempting from state income taxes income received by members of the armed forces while on active military duty (FN) - To Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance

4619.     By Del. Webb - Making technical changes to the language treating child custody, child support, parental planning and spousal support - To Judiciary

4620.     By Del. Yost - Limiting an insured with a household member considered at fault in an automobile accident from being held personally liable over and above the insurance policy for the actions of the household member - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

4621.     By Del. Yost - Transferring jurisdiction from the county commission to the family court for appointment and revocation of guardianships of minors - To Judiciary