Friday, January 23, 2004

10:00 A. M.


H. R. 3 - Amending House Rule 70a, relating to the Consent Calendar and specifying that a bill may not be removed therefrom on third reading

H. C. R. 2 -          Renaming the East River Mountain Tunnel the "H. Edward Steele Memorial Tunnel"

H. C. R. 8 -          Requesting a study on the childhood obesity epidemic in West Virginia in regards to chronic disease, poor nutrition and inadequate exercise

H. C. R. 9 -          Urging the Legislature to set a goal of providing all citizens with comprehensive, quality and affordable health care

S. C. R. 6 -          Requesting Congress to provide funding for development of double-stack-compatible rail route


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2755 -    Creating a criminal penalty for persons receiving stolen property that was obtained by means other than through the commission of a theft

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2801 -    Requiring the ethics commission to furnish copies of all advisory opinions issued by the commission to the West Virginia Legislature and the supreme court law library (Restricted Right To Amend)

H. B. 4032 -          Reducing the allowable blood alcohol content for DUI from .10 to .08 of one percent of body weight (Original same as S. B. 166 - similar to S. B. 132, S. B. 22, S. B. 226 and S. B. 45)