Thursday, February 26, 2004

House Concurrent Resolutions   

56.  By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Michael, Amores, Anderson, Ashley, Azinger, Beach, Beane, Blair, Border, Brown, Butcher, Calvert, Campbell, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Caruth, Crosier, DeLong, Duke, Evans, Faircloth, Ferrell, Fleischauer, Fragale, Frederick, Frich, Hamilton, Hartman, Hatfield, Houston, Hrutkay, Kominar, Kuhn, Leach, Leggett, Long, Louisos, Mahan, Manchin, Manuel, Mezzatesta, Morgan, Palumbo, Paxton, Perry, Pethtel, Pino, Proudfoot, Romine, Schadler, Schoen, Shaver, Shelton, Smirl, Sobonya, Spencer, Staton, Stemple, Susman, Swartzmiller, Tabb, Talbott, Tucker, Varner, Wakim, Walters, Warner, Webb, H. White, Williams, Wright, Yeager and Yost - Requesting a study on the current problems associated with the delivery of water and sewer services - To Rules

57.  By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. G. White, H. White and Stalnaker - Expressing the full support of the West Virginia Legislature for the Republic of China on Taiwan to be permitted to appropriate and meaningful participation in activities of the World Health Organization - To Rules

58.  By Del. Caputo, Manchin and Renner - Naming the new Watson Bridge, over the West Fork River on U. S. Route 250 in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia, the "Jim Costello Memorial Bridge" - To Rules

House Joint Resolution

110. By Del. Manuel, Warner, Pino, Michael and Faircloth - Out-of-state Correctional Facility Sentencing Amendment - To Constitutional Revision then Judiciary

House Resolutions    

12.  By Del. Overington, Sumner, Anderson, Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Blair, Border, Calvert, Canterbury, Carmichael, Caruth, Duke, Ellem, Evans, Faircloth, Frich, Hall, Hamilton, Howard, Louisos, Schadler, Schoen, Sobonya, Trump, Wakim, Walters and Webb - Amending the rules of the House of Delegates, relating to compelling a standing committee to take up and report out a bill - To Rules

13.  By Del. Renner, Caputo and Manchin - Commending and congratulating Ron Batson of Marion County, West Virginia's Outstanding Tree Farmer for 2004 - To Rules