Friday, September 9, 2005

9:00 A. M.


H. B. 403 -           Providing for a technical correction relating to benefits of spouses and children of state troopers who die in the line of duty (Original same as S. B. 4001)

H. B. 406 -           Providing that the fourth Thursday and Friday of November are "Thanksgiving Holidays", and combining Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday into a single holiday known as Presidents' Day to match the federal holiday (Original same as S. B. 4005)


H. B. 404 -           Allowing excess levy elections at primary elections and removing language which conflicts with article X, section 11 of the West Virginia Constitution (Original same as S. B. 4002)

H. B. 405 -           Changing West Virginia's Unemployment Compensation law to conform it to federally mandated legislation (Original same as S. B. 4003)

S. B. 4002 -          Allowing additional elections at primary elections; removing certain language (Original same as H.B. 404)