Tuesday, March 22, 2005

3122.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Varner, Williams, Crosier, Kominar, Stemple, Beane, Perry, H. White, Michael and Campbell - Providing that the Director of Natural Resources, designated county issuers and agents shall provide a voter registration application form as an integral and simultaneous part of every process for a hunting or fishing license - To Judiciary

3123.By Del. Porter - Prohibiting employees of higher education from assisting students in securing abortions - To Judiciary

3124.By Del. Barker - Requiring that fetus models be displayed in schools and providing a fine for failure to comply with this section - To Education then Judiciary

3125.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) and Del. Trump [By Request of the Executive] - Providing for biannual independent review of the Neighborhood Investment Program and to extend the program until July 1, 2008 (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

3126.By Del. Barker - Providing that when during the course of an abortion procedure a fetus is aborted alive, all available means be utilized to preserve its life; and prescribing criminal penalties - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3127.By Del. Browning - Providing teacher retirement eligibility, with full pension rights, when a member's age plus years of total service equals or exceeds eighty - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

3128.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) and Del. Trump [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to updating the meaning of "federal taxable income" and certain other terms used in West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act - To Finance

3129.By Del. Anderson, Ellem, Campbell, Doyle, Williams, Ashley, Browning, Duke, Trump and Border - Excluding income to contractors for work done for public schools from municipal business and occupation taxes - To Education then Finance

3130.By Del. Proudfoot and Perdue - Requiring local boards of health to conduct inspections of all elementary and secondary schools - To Education then Judiciary

3131.By Del. Kominar, Crosier, Williams and Perdue - Allowing a school service mechanic to have experience, training and certifications considered towards his or her pay rate - To Education then Finance

3132.By Del. Walters, Wakim, Duke and Carmichael - Consolidating purchasing by county boards of education through the regional education service agency serving their areas - To Education then Finance

3133.By Del. Caputo, Martin, Perry, Ennis, Paxton, Sumner and Stevens - Establishing school service personnel class title and pay grade for the positions of "Administrative Assistant" and "Legal Secretary" (FN) - To Education then Finance

3134.By Del. Barker (By Request) - Allowing Class IV municipalities' radar readings to be used as prima facie evidence of the speed of a vehicle - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

3135.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) and Del. Trump [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to updating the meaning of "federal adjusted gross income" and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act - To Finance

3136.By Del. Armstead, Carmichael and Trump - Providing that judgment awards in tort actions be reduced by the amount of certain collateral source benefits received by the claimant or to which the claimant is entitled - To Judiciary

3137.By Del. Sumner (By Request) - Relating to retaliating against a witness - To Judiciary

3138.By Del. Amores, Trump, Caputo, Brown, Webster, Palumbo, Schadler, Campbell, Browning, Marshall and Mahan - Relating to requiring health insurance plans to cover the cost of contraceptives - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3139.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) (By Request) - Allowing service credit under the Public Employees Retirement System for up to five years of other public service (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

3140.By Del. Ennis - Making it a misdemeanor to fail to appear for municipal court, requiring certain municipal courts to reinstate a driver's license, requiring evidence that a parking meter has been certified to work correctly, and addressing liability of judges who violate civil rights - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

3141.By Del. H. White, R. M. Thompson, Hrutkay, Perry, Azinger and Frich - Providing for the licensing term, application procedures, and fee for reinsurance intermediaries - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3142.By Del. Eldridge and Romine - Requiring physicians who perform abortions to report to the Division of Health whether the male who impregnated the minor female receiving the abortion was eighteen years or older at the time of the impregnation - To Judiciary

3143.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Clarifying the criteria for an employee to sustain a lawsuit for intentional injury - To Judiciary

3144.By Del. Leggett (By Request) - Relating to the "Human Cloning Prohibition Act" - To Judiciary

3145.By Del. Michael, Leach and Williams - Providing immunity from civil damages for persons who volunteer their services at the public health departments - To Judiciary

3146.By Del. Fragale, Eldridge, Perdue, R. Thompson, Hatfield, Webster, Moore, G. White, Marshall, Brown and Long - Relating to underwriting guidelines for medical professional liability insurers - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3147.By Del. Poling, Houston, Beach, Marshall, Mahan, Wysong, Stalnaker, Eldridge, Butcher, Hrutkay and Barker - Providing a $100.00 per month pay raise to service personnel beginning July 1, 2005 (FN) - To Education then Finance

3148.By Del. Frich, Anderson, Evans, Tansill, Ellem, Louisos, Azinger, Canterbury, Stevens, Sobonya and Howard - Replacing the sales tax on food with a sales and service tax upon sales of wagers or plays by racetrack video lottery (FN) - To Finance

3149.By Del. H. White, R. M. Thompson, Hrutkay, Perry and Azinger - Making HMO's subject to risk based capital requirements, permitting HMO's that are not domiciled in this state to be granted a certificate of authority, and increasing the annual filing fee - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3150.By Del. G. White and H. White - Establishing the deferred deposit loan act - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3151.By Del. Beane, Michael, Leach, Long, Kominar, Perdue, Hatfield, Palumbo, Fragale, Trump and H. White - Regulating dialysis technicians by the Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses - To Government Organization