Tuesday, March 29, 2005

11:00 A.M.


S. B. 222 -
Relating to membership of Workforce Investment Council (Original same as H.B. 2512) (Regular) (Cann)

H. B. 2392 -
Requiring health benefit plans to issue uniform prescription drug information cards or technology (Regular) (Perdue)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2950 -
Relating to requiring a paper copy of a voter's votes when using an electronic system to vote if an election is contested or for a random count of precincts (Original same as S. B. 477) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2989 -
Authorizing the Division of Motor Vehicles to suspend or refuse to register vehicles of motor carriers whose authority to operate in interstate commerce has been denied or suspended (Regular) (Beane)

H. B. 3014 -
Clarifying that mandated accident and sickness insurance benefits do not apply to limited coverage policies, unless expressly made applicable to such policies (Regular) (White)

H. B. 3093 -
Permitting River Valley Child Development Services, Inc. to withdraw from the teachers' defined contribution plan (Effective From Passage) (Stalnaker)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3102 -
Prohibiting a person not the owner of a registered dog from removing tags, collars or apparel from a registered dog without the permission of the owner, and creating penalties (Regular) (Beach)


Com. Sub. for H. B. 2163 -
Eliminating the set-off against unemployment compensation benefits for persons receiving social security benefits (Original similar to S. B. 202) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 2307 -
Establishing threshold quantities of certain controlled substances to trigger prima facie evidence of intent to deliver if possessed by an individual (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2334 -
Relating to limiting child out-of-state placements (Original similar to S. B. 200) (Regular) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2371 -
Authorizing collaborative pharmacy practice agreements between pharmacists and physicians and specify requirements for the agreements (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2650 -
Relating to beef industry self-improvement assessment program (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2718 -
Authorizing the Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rules (Effective From Passage) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2855 -
Placing a limit of ten years on the amount of time that a teacher who returns to work after terminating employment may retain his or her accrued seniority (Original same as S. B. 577) (Effective From Passage) (Campbell)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2877 -
Providing procedure for removal of county, district or municipal officers (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2878 -
Relating to allowing the fraud unit to investigate the forgery of insurance documents (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2986 -
Relating to the regulation of selling new or used vehicles, providing for the comprehensive regulation and licensing of persons who sell new or used vehicles (Original similar to S. B. 563) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3019 -
Relating to recognizing the Appalachian Education Initiative promoting the role of art education in public schools (Regular) (Campbell)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3051 -
Relating to defining certain terms relative to hunting (Regular) (Stemple)

H. B. 3053 -
Repealing the Downtown Redevelopment District Act (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3068 -
Authorizing private inspectors to conduct annual inspections of elevators in state-owned buildings while establishing authority for the Division of Labor to conduct over-site inspections (Regular) (Beane)

H. B. 3128 -
Relating to updating the meaning of "federal taxable income" and certain other terms used in West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act (Original same as S. B. 614) (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3130 -
Requiring local boards of health to conduct inspections of all elementary and secondary schools (Regular) (Campbell)

H. B. 3135 -
Relating to updating the meaning of "federal adjusted gross income" and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act (Original same as S. B. 623) (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

H. B. 3151 -
Regulating dialysis technicians by the Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses (July 1, 2005) (Beane)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3155 -
Permitting Wetzel County Hospital to provide an alternate retirement plan for new employees in lieu of the Public Employees Retirement System (Original same as S. B. 717) (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3163 -
Prohibiting colleges from requiring students to purchase bundled textbook packages (Original similar to S. B. 674) (July 1, 2005) (Campbell)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3178 -
Relating to domestic violence and clarifying when permanent injunctions and other provisions may be granted in final divorce orders (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3208 -
Adjusting the formula by which the Public Service Commission distributes wireless enhanced 911 fee revenues to the counties (Regular) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3214 -
Relating to the administration of polygraph examinations for risk assessment and treatment purposes to sex offenders who are on probation or parole (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3354 -
Secretary's authority to assess a permit fee for well work permit, deep wells, coalbed methane wells and reclamation fund fees (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3355 -
Unemployment compensation generally (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3356 -
Powers and duties of solid waste management board (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3357 -
Streamlined sales and use tax administration (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3358 -
Relating to severance tax imposed on natural gas produced from wells placed in service on or after July 1, 2005 (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

H. B. 3359 -
Relating to filling the positions and extra duty assignments of the absent school bus operators (Regular) (Campbell)

H. B. 3360 -
Requiring the IS & C Director to create and maintain an information systems disaster recovery system (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3361 -
Relating to the West Virginia Sunset Law (July 1, 2005) (Beane)


S. B. 604 -
Establishing method for projecting increase in net enrollment for each school district (Education Committee amendment pending) (July 1, 2005) (Campbell)