Wednesday, March 30, 2005

11:00 A.M.


H. B. 2012 -
Providing a salary supplement for providers of medicaid eligible services in the public schools (Finance Committee amendment pending) (July 1, 2005) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2163 -
Eliminating the set-off against unemployment compensation benefits for persons receiving social security benefits (Original similar to S. B. 202) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 2307 -
Establishing threshold quantities of certain controlled substances to trigger prima facie evidence of intent to deliver if possessed by an individual (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2371 -
Authorizing collaborative pharmacy practice agreements between pharmacists and physicians and specify requirements for the agreements (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2457 -
Limiting the basis for calculating the alternate method of annual contribution required by municipalities into the Policemen's and Firemen's Pension and Relief Fund (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 2650 -
Relating to beef industry self-improvement assessment program (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2718 -
Authorizing the Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rules (Effective From Passage) (Amores)

H. B. 2795 -
Relating to the consolidation of administrative, information, technological, financial and operating systems and functions of West Virginia University Institute of Technology with and into such systems and functions of West Virginia University (Finance Committee amendment pending) (July 1, 2005) (Michael) (Original same as S. B. 244)

H. B. 2822 -
Providing that municipalities, county development authorities or municipal development authorities, or both, may organize and jointly own joint development entities (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Michael) (Original same as S. B. 417)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2855 -
Retaining seniority for professional personnel who voluntarily terminate employment (Original same as S. B. 577) (Effective From Passage) (Campbell)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2877 -
Providing procedure for removal of county, district or municipal officers (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 2878 -
Relating to allowing the fraud unit to investigate the forgery of insurance documents (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2937 -
Relating to the replacement of individual life insurance policies and annuity contracts (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2939 -
Relating to the Federal Cash Management Act (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

H. B. 3019 -
Relating to recognizing the Appalachian Education Initiative promoting the role of art education in public schools (Regular) (Campbell)

H. B. 3034 -
Adding Public Service Commission motor carrier inspectors as law-enforcement officers who may be victims of the crimes of malicious assault, unlawful assault, battery and simple assault upon a law-enforcement officer (Original similar to S. B. 548) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3045 -
Relating to the creation and modification of public service districts (Original similar to S. B. 536) (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3051 -
Relating to defining certain terms relative to hunting (Regular) (Stemple)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3068 -
Authorizing private inspectors to conduct annual inspections of elevators in state-owned buildings while establishing authority for the Division of Labor to conduct over-site inspections (Regular) (Beane)

H. B. 3092 -
Adding the counties of Mercer and Raleigh as participating members of the Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3098 -
Expanding the prohibitions and criminal penalties for sexual exploitation or sexual abuse of a child by a parent, or guardian or custodian to include offenses by persons who hold a position of trust in relation to a child (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3125 -
Providing for biannual independent review of the Neighborhood Investment Program and to extend the program until July 1, 2008 (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Michael) (Original same as S. B. 609)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3130 -
Requiring local boards of health to conduct inspections of all elementary and secondary schools (Regular) (Campbell)

H. B. 3151 -
Regulating dialysis technicians by the Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses (July 1, 2005) (Beane)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3155 -
Permitting Wetzel County Hospital to provide an alternate retirement plan for new employees in lieu of the Public Employees Retirement System (Original same as S. B. 717) (Effective From Passage) (Michael)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3178 -
Relating to domestic violence and clarifying when permanent injunctions and other provisions may be granted in final divorce orders (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3212 -
Creating the felony offense of intimidation of and retaliation against informants who provide information to law enforcement officers, and establishing related criminal penalties (Judiciary Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Amores)

Com. Sub. for H. B. 3214 -
Relating to the administration of polygraph examinations for risk assessment and treatment purposes to sex offenders who are on probation or parole (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3217 -
Authorizing magistrates to impose home confinement for certain non-violent offenders in lieu of a bail bond (Judiciary Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3281 -
Relating to making it a crime to alter, destroy, or tamper with computer equipment containing voter registration information (Judiciary Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3282 -
Relating to taking pictures of a non-consenting individual in public and private places (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3293 -
Establishing residential treatment programs for regional jail inmates who are abusers of alcohol and other drugs (Judiciary Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3306 -
Allowing fees charged for requests for information from the central abuse registry to be used for criminal record keeping (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3308 -
Eliminating the provision that allowed private clubs segregated on the basis of race or color to obtain a license to sell alcoholic beverages (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3309 -
Exempting Mental-Health Retardation Centers from payment of the privilege tax and providing that Mental-Health Retardation Centers are covered by the Board of Risk and Insurance Management without the requirement to pay a premium (Finance Committee amendment pending) (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3354 -
Secretary's authority to assess a permit fee for well work permit, deep wells, coalbed methane wells and reclamation fund fees (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3355 -
Unemployment compensation generally (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3359 -
Relating to filling the positions and extra duty assignments of the absent school bus operators (Regular) (Campbell)

H. B. 3360 -
Requiring the IS & C Director to create and maintain an information systems disaster recovery system (Regular) (Michael)

H. B. 3361 -
Relating to the West Virginia Sunset Law (July 1, 2005) (Beane)


H. B. 2546 -
Relating to underage possession of nonintoxicating beer and alcoholic liquor (Original similar to S. B. 268) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 2808 -
Relating to adding a magistrate to those serving Raleigh County (Original similar to S. B. 99) (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3213 -
Creating the offenses of malicious assault, unlawful assault, battery and recidivism of battery, assault on a driver, conductor, captain or other person in charge of any vehicle used for public conveyance (Regular) (Amores)


H. B. 3108 -
Increasing the focus of regional educational service agencies on school improvement (July 1, 2005) (Michael)

H. B. 3211 -
Permitting purchasers of motor fuels upon which federal tax is due to delay payment of reimbursement of the taxes to the vendor until the day before the payment is due the Internal Revenue Service (Regular) (Amores)

H. B. 3219 -
Amending the provisions of the West Virginia Victims of Crime Compensation Act to make it clear that persons holding authority with respect to the victim by power of attorney or other authority have the authority to assert claims (Regular) (Amores)