Thursday, March 17, 2005

House Concurrent Resolutions

By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. R. M. Thompson, Mahan, Susman and Sumner - Requesting the Division of Highways to name the bridge located on Route 19 between the Flat Top Post Office and Egeria Road which crosses the West Virginia Turnpike, the "Mills/ Hatcher Memorial Bridge" - To Rules

By Del. Michael, Argento, Beach, Beane, Boggs, Brown, Browning, Butcher, Cann, Crosier, DeLong, Eldridge, Ennis, Frederick, Hatfield, Hunt, Iaquinta, Kominar, Long, Miley, Morgan, Palumbo, Paxton, Perry, Pethtel, Poling, Stalnaker, Staton, Stemple, Stephens, Susman, Swartzmiller, Tabb, Talbott, Tucker, Varner, Wells, Williams, Wysong and Yost - Opposing the further designation of additional federal wilderness acreage within the Monongahela National Forest in the State of West Virginia - To Rules

By Del. Beach, Boggs, Wakim, Perdue, Azinger, Amores, Anderson, Argento, Barker, Browning, Butcher, Campbell, Cann, Caputo, Crosier, DeLong, Eldridge, Ennis, Evans, Fragale, Frederick, Hartman, Houston, Howard, Hrutkay, Iaquinta, Long, Mahan, Manchin, Michael, Morgan, Paxton, Perry, Rowan, Stalnaker, Staton, Stephens, Susman, Swartzmiller, Talbott, R. M. Thompson, Walters, Williams and Yost - Declaring bluegrass music to be the official state music of West Virginia - To Rules