Thursday, February 24, 2005

SB 270 - Sen. Minard
Relating to examination of insurance and health care entities

Banking and Insurance

SB 271 - Sen. Minard
Permitting insurance fraud unit participate in certain law-enforcement information exchange; other provisions

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 272 - Sen. Foster
Relating to disqualification for public retirement plan benefits (FN)

Pensions then Finance

SB 273 - Sen. McCabe, Unger, White, Foster, Barnes, McKenzie and Edgell
Establishing Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Control Act (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 274 - Sen. Barnes, Unger and Weeks
Making embezzlement from county, district, school district or municipal corporation felony


SB 275 - Sen. Unger and Yoder
Allowing counties and municipalities to establish child advocacy center authority

Government Organization then Finance

SB 276 - Sen. Unger, Minard, Sharpe, Love, Chafin, Facemyer, Bowman, Hunter, Boley, Bailey, Barnes, Prezioso, Oliverio, Sprouse, Kessler and Caruth
Increasing annual base salary of sworn State Police personnel by certain percent


SB 277 - Sen. Edgell, Bailey, Dempsey, Love, Facemyer and Guills
Creating Animal Regulation Act

Agriculture then Finance
SB 278 - Sen. Minard and Jenkins
Relating to lists of stockholders of banking institutions and bank holding companies

Banking and Insurance

SB 279 - Sen. Minard and Jenkins
Relating to requirement of banks post bond or other security for certain funds

Banking and Insurance

SB 280 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President), Bailey, Prezioso, Bowman, Guills, Sharpe, McKenzie, Jenkins, Deem, Fanning, Oliverio, Chafin, Hunter, Sprouse, Yoder, McCabe, Love, Kessler, Minear, Facemyer, Helmick, Weeks, Dempsey, Harrison, Edgell, Lanham, Minard, Boley, Barnes, White, Unger, Caruth, Foster and Plymale
Relating to tolling state licensure or registration requirement for active military


SCR 27 - Sen. Hunter
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study coordination of state laws and regulations for wrecked and dismantled vehicles

SCR 28 - Sen. Edgell
Requesting Board of Education establish position to coordinate, oversee and advocate school libraries

SCR 29 - Sen. Kessler, Helmick, Prezioso, Boley and McKenzie
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance continue Legislative Task Force on Juvenile Foster Care, Detention and Placement

SR 11 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President), Bailey, Barnes, Boley, Bowman, Caruth, Chafin, Deem, Dempsey, Edgell, Facemyer, Fanning, Foster, Guills, Harrison, Helmick, Hunter, Jenkins, Kessler, Lanham, Love, McCabe, McKenzie, Minard, Minear, Oliverio, Plymale, Prezioso, Sharpe, Sprouse, Unger, Weeks, White and Yoder
Designating February 24, 2005, "Corrections' Day"