Monday, March 07, 2005

SB 463 - Sen. Minard and Sharpe
Allowing supplemental assessment on personal property when omitted from record books


SB 464 - Sen. Sprouse
Gradually repealing business franchise tax (FN)


SB 465 - Sen. Sprouse
Eliminating consumers sales tax on food and food products over certain time (FN)


SB 466 - Sen. Kessler
Permitting Fire Marshal set fees for various services


SB 467 - Sen. Love
Authorizing Director of Division of Protective Services assess, charge and collect fees (FN)


SB 468 - Sen. Harrison and Boley
Providing hospitals not required to perform abortions unless mother's life in danger

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 469 - Sen. Harrison
Establishing Covenant Marriage Act


SB 470 - Sen. Yoder, Kessler, Barnes, Guills and Foster
Prohibiting use of handheld cell phone while driving; penalty

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 471 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President)
Exempting homeowners' associations from consumers sales and service tax on certain fees (FN)


SB 472 - Sen. Harrison and Boley
Prohibiting family planning centers receiving state funding from discussing abortion

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary
SB 473 - Sen. Hunter
Creating criminal offense of cyber-shoplifting


SB 474 - Sen. Hunter
Limiting merchant's liability for fraudulent card-not-present credit or debit transactions


SB 475 - Sen. Barnes
Relating to dedicated funding for counties with both increased and certain net enrollment

Education then Finance

SB 476 - Sen. Facemyer and Bowman
Allowing use of red-colored artificial light when hunting coyotes

Natural Resources

SB 477 - Sen. White
Requiring paper copy of vote when using electronic voting system


SB 478 - Sen. Hunter, White, Unger, Kessler, Fanning, Bailey, Dempsey and Love
Relating to grievance procedures for state educational employees


SB 479 - Sen. Hunter
Permitting certain appointed or elected officers and employees waive their salaries


SB 480 - Sen. Kessler, Hunter, White, Bowman and Edgell
Requiring certain vendors use only persons authorized to work in United States; other provisions


SB 481 - Sen. Hunter
Exempting antique and classic motor vehicles and motorcycles from registration fees

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SCR 38 - Sen. Yoder, McCabe, Bowman, Hunter, Unger, Bailey, White and Foster
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study feasibility of national park in High Allegheny Region of State

SCR 39 - Sen. McCabe and Foster
Petitioning Congress to allow variance to gross vehicle weight limit of coal trucks for approximately six miles of Interstate 77 between Marmet and Chelyan, West Virginia

SCR 40 - Sen. Love
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study salaries of law-enforcement officers of Division of Protective Services excluding Director and Deputy Director

SR 17 - Sen. Prezioso, Unger, Tomblin (Mr. President), Sprouse, Kessler, Bailey, Hunter, Bowman, Oliverio, Love, McKenzie, Edgell, Guills, Minard, Deem, Boley, Sharpe, Facemyer, Caruth, Harrison, Barnes, Minear, Jenkins, Weeks, Dempsey and Fanning
Designating March 7, 2005, "Respect for Life Day"

SR 18 - Sen. Hunter, Bowman, White, Foster, Fanning, Chafin, Bailey, Helmick, Plymale, Sharpe, Minard, McCabe, Dempsey, Edgell, Unger, Kessler, Prezioso, Jenkins, Love and Tomblin (Mr. President)
Requesting Congress reject plans to privatize Social Security and repay Social Security Trust Fund