Friday, March 11, 2005

SB 512 - Sen. Hunter
Providing preference to state vendors who qualify for veteran status

Military then Finance

SB 513 - Sen. McCabe, Plymale, Jenkins, Foster, Sprouse and Harrison
Relating to tax credits for qualified centers for economic development and technology advancement (FN)

Economic Development then Finance

SB 514 - Sen. Kessler and Bailey
Increasing salaries of certain judges and magistrates (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 515 - Sen. McKenzie
Relating to murder committed during crime of entering without breaking


SB 516 - Sen. McKenzie
Removing distinction between daytime and nighttime burglary


SB 517 - Sen. Kessler
Relating to petitioning court for name change


SB 518 - Sen. Unger
Requiring breath or blood analysis for blood alcohol content of surviving driver


SB 519 - Sen. Chafin
Establishing State and County Removal of Abandoned Automobile Project

Judiciary then Finance

SB 520 - Sen. Unger
Increasing relocation expense for State Police (FN)


SB 521 - Sen. Plymale
Requiring study on flood and general property insurance for State Board of Education

Education then Finance

SB 522 - Sen. Lanham and Facemyer
Extending time for Hurricane council to meet as levying body

Government Organization
SB 523 - Sen. Bowman and McKenzie
Providing exemption from mandatory immunizations for certain school children

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 524 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President) and Sprouse [By Request of the Executive]
Transferring centralized accounting system from Department of Administration to Auditor's Office (FN)


SCR 47 - Sen. Helmick
Requesting Division of Highways name bridge near Seebert, Pocohontas County, "Tom Edgar Memorial Bridge"

SCR 48 - Sen. Unger
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study mental health services for certain military members

SCR 49 - Sen. Bowman, Bailey, Chafin, Sprouse, Helmick, Barnes and Harrison
Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study alternatives to out-of-state placement of children

SR 20 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President) and Dempsey
Congratulating Chapmanville High School girls' softball team on winning 2004 Class AA championship