Thursday, March 17, 2005

SB 564 - Sen. Caruth and Sprouse
Relating to Workers' Compensation disbursement when injury is self-inflicted or intentionally caused by employer

Judiciary then Finance

SB 565 - Sen. Unger
Relating to inspections of individual water supply systems and individual wastewater systems (FN)

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 566 - Sen. Unger
Relating to conducting comparative cost-of-living studies in counties

Labor then Finance

SB 567 - Sen. Unger
Granting tuition waivers to children and spouses of National Guard and active military killed in line of duty (FN)

Military then Finance

SB 568 - Sen. Jenkins
Increasing number of persons to whom credit union services extended


SB 569 - Sen. Dempsey
Relating to disbursement of surplus funds to teachers and service personnel

Education then Finance

SB 570 - Sen. Bowman and Kessler
Requiring Class I and II municipalities study implementation of safety code for paid fire departments

Government Organization then Finance

SB 571 - Sen. Unger
Requiring training for employees of private clubs and retail outlets selling alcohol

Judiciary then Finance

SB 572 - Sen. Unger
Authorizing municipalities permit certain veterans to park free

Government Organization then Finance
SB 573 - Sen. Unger
Requiring public hearing prior to issuance of new or transferred license for private club


SB 574 - Sen. Unger
Prohibiting open nonintoxicating beer and alcoholic beverage containers in passenger areas of motor vehicles

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 575 - Sen. Bowman, McKenzie, Kessler and Edgell
Permitting certain persons with physical disabilities to use crossbow during hunting season

Natural Resources

SB 576 - Sen. McCabe and Minard
Allowing Insurance Commission to add certain health care services

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 577 - Sen. Weeks and Bailey
Limiting time certain teachers may retain accrued seniority


SB 578 - Sen. Unger
Relating to filling vacancies in state agencies for certain National Guard members

Military then Judiciary

SB 579 - Sen. Weeks, Dempsey, Sharpe, McKenzie, Lanham, Boley, Love, Caruth and Harrison
Relating to judicial procedure for suspension and revocation of license for DUI (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 580 - Sen. Facemyer and Edgell
Prohibiting any body except Legislature from regulating seed

Agriculture then Government Organization

SB 581 - Sen. Bailey and Sharpe
Establishing Deferred Deposit Loan Act

Judiciary then Finance

SJR 12 - Sen. Yoder and Sprouse
Proposing amendment to Constitution designated Limited Expansion of Gambling Amendment

Judiciary then Finance
SCR 54 - Sen. Bailey and Weeks
Requesting Division of Highways name bridge located on Route 19 between Flat Top Post Office and Egeria Road "Mills/Hatcher Memorial Bridge"

SCR 55 - Sen. Fanning, Bailey, Dempsey and Facemyer
Requesting Director of Office of Emergency Services repair inoperative IFLOWS rain and stream gauges and provide maintenance