Friday, February 17, 2006

4604.By Del. Beane, Talbott, Blair, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Providing for criminal background checks of employees and staff of licensees and programs receiving funding from the Family Protection Services Board - To Government Organization

4605.By Del. Beane, Yost, Talbott, Blair, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Increasing the membership on the family protection services board from five to seven members - To Government Organization

4606.By Del. Beane, Yost, Talbott, Blair, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Removing the requirement that complaints against licensees under the Real Estate Licensing Act be verified - To Judiciary

4607.By Del. Beane, Yost, Talbott, Blair, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Requiring the Real Estate Commission to conduct criminal background checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation on all applicants' licenses - To Judiciary

4608.By Del. Beane, Yost, Talbott, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Requiring the Tax Commissioner to disclose certain tax information to the Consolidated Public Retirement Board (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4609.By Del. Beane, Yost, Talbott, Ennis, Iaquinta and Swartzmiller - Requiring the Supreme Court of Appeals to establish uniform procedures and criteria in determining repayment of the costs of representation provided under the Public Defender System (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4610.By Del. Perry, Barker, Eldridge, Fragale, Louisos, Argento, Tucker, Williams, Duke, Paxton and Miley - Clarifying that the cost of coverage for participating retired employees may not be subsidized by participating active employees - To Finance

4611.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Specifying the method for determining the tax credit; specifying when a credit may be taken; and civil liability immunity for aiding an accident victim (FN) - To Finance

4612.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Mahan and Staton - Relating generally to the West Virginia Women's Commission - To Government Organization

4613.By Del. Campbell and Williams - Authorizing the State Superintendent of Schools to issue subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum in connection with investigations of licensure matters and hearings on revocations or certificate denials - To Education

4614.By Del. Campbell - Establishing certain requirements regarding direct shipment, delivery and receipt of alcoholic beverages - To Judiciary

4615.By Del. Poling - Providing a one-time salary increase of one thousand dollars to state employees who do not otherwise receive a salary increase during the 2006 regular session (FN) - To Finance

4616.By Del. Amores, Craig, Kominar, Pethtel, Williams, Stemple, Eldridge and Tucker - Encouraging consistent statutory construction of state and federal consumer protection laws - To Judiciary

4617.By Del. Susman - Phasing out the consumers sales tax on food over a period of ten years (FN) - To Finance

4618.By Del. Stalnaker, Williams and Stemple - Increasing the percentage of the "license fund-wildlife resources" derived from license fees that may be used for capital improvements and land purchases for benefitting state wildlife - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

4619.By Del. Michael - Requiring employers to submit a copy of an employee's withholding statement with an annual reconciliation of income tax withheld; and, requiring electronic filing for certain employers (FN) - To Finance

4620.By Del. H. White, Kominar, Stalnaker, R. M. Thompson, G. White and Perry - Providing for the salary range of the Commissioner of Banking and the Insurance Commissioner - To Finance

4621.By Del. Beane, Border, Anderson, Azinger and Ellem - Relating to Joint Parenting Act and custody of children after divorce - To Judiciary

4622.By Del. Swartzmiller, Anderson, Stemple and Ashley - Reducing certain oil and gas well and methane gas well performance bonds - To Judiciary

4623.By Del. Proudfoot, Perdue and Campbell - Relating to reports of inspections of primary and secondary schools by local boards of health (FN) - To Education then Finance

4624.By Del. Beane - Issuing an arrest warrant for a nonappearing defendant released on bail - To Judiciary

4625.By Del. Campbell, Williams and Spencer - Extending certain authority to professional personnel designee of school principal - To Education

4626.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss) - Including private schools, parochial schools, church schools, and other schools operated by a religious order in state student teaching programs - To Education

4627.By Del. Yost - Requiring the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue one year licenses to registered sex offenders - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4628.By Del. Stephens, Barker and Eldridge - Exempting motor vehicles in funeral processions from the requirement to pay tolls on parkway projects - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4629.By Del. Stephens, Eldridge, Barker, Marshall and Longstreth - Requiring rest periods for employees during each four hours of work - To Judiciary

4630.By Del. Michael - Creating a Voluntary Compliance Program based on listed transactions considered abusive by the Internal Revenue Service (FN) - To Finance

4631.By Del. Yost and Moore - Establishing a procedure for involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent predators - To Judiciary