Monday, February 6, 2006

House Concurrent Resolutions

By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Kiss), Del. Poling, Hartman, Proudfoot, Amores, Anderson, Argento, Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Barker, Beach, Beane, Blair, Boggs, Border, Brown, Browning, Butcher, Campbell, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Carmichael, Craig, Crosier, DeLong, Doyle, Duke, Eldridge, Ellem, Ennis, Evans, Fragale, Frederick, Frich, Hall, Hamilton, Hatfield, Houston, Howard, Hrutkay, Hunt, Iaquinta, Kominar, Lane, Leach, Leggett, Long, Longstreth, Louisos, Mahan, Manchin, Marshall, Martin, Michael, Miley, Moore, Morgan, Overington, Palumbo, Paxton, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Pino, Roberts, Romine, Rowan, Schadler, Schoen, Sobonya, Spencer, Stalnaker, Staton, Stemple, Stephens, Sumner, Susman, Swartzmiller, Tabb, Talbott, Tansill, R. Thompson, R. M. Thompson, Trump, Tucker, Varner, Wakim, Walters, Webster, Wells, G. White, H. White, Williams, Wysong and Yost - Requesting the Division of Highways to name the bridge on US Route 33 spanning the Tygart River the "Michael 'Mikey' Hart Memorial Bridge" - To Rules

By Del. Hunt (By Request) - Requesting the Governor to seek a reciprocal agreement with Florida allowing persons with licenses to carry concealed weapons in one state to be considered licensed in the other - To Judiciary

By Del. Hunt - Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to conduct a study to review and examine the criminal law, judicial proceedings and incarceration of perpetrators of sex offenses - To Rules

By Del. Sobonya, Morgan, Stephens and Howard - Requesting the Division of Highways to name the bridge located at Howell's Mill near Ona, the "Rimmer-White Bridge" - To Rules

House Joint Resolutions

By Del. Louisos - Right to Jury Trial in Administrative Proceedings Amendment - To Constitutional Revision then Judiciary

By Del. Frich, Carmichael, Armstead, Sumner, Sobonya, Louisos, Rowan, Border, Blair, Walters and Lane - Elimination of State Sales and Service Tax on Food Amendment - To Constitutional Revision then Finance

House Resolutions

By Del. Perry, Louisos and Pino - Declaring that the Engineering Program of the West Virginia University of Technology should remain in Montgomery - To Rules