Charleston, W. Va., Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Senate met at 12:15 a.m. for an extended session to complete action on the annual state budget (Eng. Com. Sub. for S. B. No. 125), today's proceedings being authorized by the Governor's proclamation of Wednesday, March 8, 2006, extending the regular sixty-day session until and including the seventeenth day of March, two thousand six, solely for that purpose, as being the only permissive legislation within constitutional purview.
The Legislature now being in extended session for the sole consideration of
Eng. Com. Sub. for Senate Bill No. 125, Budget bill.
(Senator Tomblin, Mr. President, in the Chair.)

Prayer was offered by the Honorable Brooks F. McCabe, Jr., a senator from the seventeenth district.
Pending the reading of the Journal of Saturday, March 11, 2006,
On motion of Senator Harrison, the Journal was approved and the further reading thereof dispensed with.
The Senate proceeded to the third order of business.
A message from The Clerk of the House of Delegates announced that that body had refused to recede from its amendment, and requested the appointment of a committee of conference of six from each house on the disagreeing votes of the two houses, as to
Eng. Com. Sub. for Senate Bill No. 125, Budget bill.
The message further announced the appointment of the following conferees on the part of the House of Delegates:
Delegates Michael, Doyle, Leach, Kominar, Browning and Hall.
On motion of Senator Chafin, the Senate agreed to the appointment of a conference committee on the bill.
Whereupon, Senator Tomblin (Mr. President) appointed the following conferees on the part of the Senate:
Senators Helmick, Sharpe, Plymale, Prezioso, Minear and Facemyer.
Ordered, That The Clerk communicate to the House of Delegates the action of the Senate.
The Senate proceeded to the twelfth order of business.
Remarks were made by Senators Chafin and Love.
Senator Chafin then moved that the Senate adjourn until tomorrow, Monday, March 13, 2006, at 6 p.m.
The question being on the adoption of Senator Chafin's motion, and on this question, Senator Chafin demanded the yeas and nays.
The roll being taken, the yeas were: Bailey, Boley, Bowman, Caruth, Chafin, Deem, Dempsey, Edgell, Facemyer, Fanning, Foster, Helmick, Jenkins, Kessler, Lanham, Love, McCabe, Minard, Minear, Plymale, Prezioso, Sharpe, Sprouse, Weeks, White and Tomblin (Mr. President)--26.
The nays were: Barnes, Guills, Harrison, Hunter, McKenzie, Oliverio, Unger and Yoder--8.
Absent: None.
So, a majority of those present and voting having voted in the affirmative, the President declared Senator Chafin's motion had prevailed.
In accordance with the foregoing motion, the Senate adjourned until tomorrow, Monday, March 13, 2006, at 6 p.m.