Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3060.By Del. Ennis (By Request) - Providing a ten percent reduction in fees for state and county employees at state parks - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

3061.By Del. Poling, M., Hatfield, Fragale, Moye, Caputo, Stephens, Hrutkay, Fleischauer and Paxton - Prohibiting the use of credit scoring as a consideration in calculating insurance rates in homeowners or automobile liability policies - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3062.By Del. Poling, M., Hatfield, Fragale, Moye, Stephens, Hrutkay, Caputo, Fleischauer and Paxton - Relating to providing for liens upon proceeds or awards of a child support obligor from Workers' Compensation awards - To Judiciary

3063.By Del. Longstreth, Burdiss, Iaquinta, Caputo and Manchin - The West Virginia Counter-Terrorism Act of 2007 - To Judiciary

3064.By Del. Overington, Miller, J., Doyle, Tabb, Wysong, Blair, Duke, Rowan and DeLong - Relating to allowing counties with contiguous borders with other states where the closing time for bars is earlier set a closing time at an hour no later than that of the contiguous state - To Judiciary

3065.By Del. Eldridge, Rodighiero, Ellis, Stemple, Williams, Perry, Beach, Shook, Argento and Reynolds - Relating to making false reports of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence - To Judiciary

3066.By Del. Fleischauer, Beach, Shook, Marshall, Hrutkay, Stephens, Craig, Manchin, Crosier, Boggs and Wysong - Relating to pedestrian's right-of-way in crosswalks - To Judiciary

3067.By Del. Staggers (By Request) - Providing salary increases for deputies with college degrees (FN) - To Finance

3068.By Del. Fragale and Poling, M. - Providing school counselors are entitles to receive mentor status and mileage reimbursement (FN) - To Education then Finance

3069.By Del. Browning - Prohibiting employers from discharging or disciplining a volunteer fireman or (EMS) attendant who is required to leave work suddenly as a result of their responsibilities to address emergencies - To Judiciary

3070.By Del. Mahan, Fragale and Guthrie - Relating to child advocacy centers - To Judiciary

3071.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Creating a centralized Real Estate Division in the Department of Administration (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

3072.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to defining "charitable exemptions" for purposes of the municipal business and occupation tax (FN) - To Finance

3073.By Del. Moore, White, Kominar and Amores - Relating to prohibiting financial institutions from establishing or maintaining a branch in West Virginia on, or within one and one-half miles of, the premises or property of an affiliate, under certain circumstances - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

3074.By Del. Varner, Proudfoot, Stemple, Mahan, Hrutkay, Tabb, Browning, Kominar, Stalnaker, Shaver and Moye - Relating to the carrying of concealed weapons - To Judiciary