Thursday, February 22, 2007

3165.By Del. Cann, Stalnaker, White, Kominar, Reynolds, Webster, Palumbo, Craig, Anderson, Evans and Doyle - Providing for a credit against the West Virginia personal income tax liability in the amount of payments made on student loans - To Finance

3166.By Del. Fragale - Exempting community action agencies from the certificate of title tax for vehicles used for their Head Start program - To Finance

3167.By Del. Fragale - Allowing teachers employed by a statewide service personnel association to count this service towards retirement credit (FN) - To Finance

3168.By Del. Morgan, Blair, Fragale, Yost, Martin and Poling, D. - Establishing a minimum density requirement for residential zoning purposes - To Judiciary

3169.By Del. Stalnaker - Adding a chief, who is a member of the West Virginia Chief of Police Association to the Commission on Drunk Driving - To Government Organization

3170.By Del. Stalnaker - Relating to noncivil service employment protection for chiefs of police - To Judiciary

3171.By Del. Stalnaker - Criminalizing the giving of false or misleading information to county and municipal officers - To Judiciary

3172.By Del. Williams, Wysong, Doyle, Tabb and Ashley - Changing the qualifier for low income for a senior citizens' homestead tax credit (FN) - To Finance

3173.By Del. Stalnaker - Allowing municipal chiefs of police to appoint a deputy chief - To Judiciary

3174.By Del. Reynolds - Including qualified continuing care retirement communities under the provision of the Tax Limitations Amendment - To Finance

3175.By Del. Amores, Fleischauer and Marshall - Including "permanent household members" among county board of education employees who are eligible to receive certain donated personal leave - To Education

3176.By Del. Browning - Relating to the business and occupation tax on manufacturing synthetic fuel - To Finance

3177.By Del. Stalnaker - Increasing the compensation of members of county boards of education (FN) - To Education then Finance

3178.By Del. Michael (By Request) - Providing for special registration plates for members of law-enforcement wounded in the line of duty and awarded a purple heart - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

3179.By Del. Webster, DeLong, Staggers, Caputo, Perry and Long - Relating to unlawful possession of deadly weapons by a minor - To Judiciary

3180.By Del. Webster, Hrutkay, Brown, Miley, Kessler, Burdiss, Guthrie and Fleischauer - Relating to the granting of workers' compensation benefits on review or appeal - To Judiciary

3181.By Del. Amores and Fleischauer - Including a person who has resided with a victim at least twelve months to the list of people to receive advance notice of judicial proceedings involving the crime - To Judiciary

3182.By Del. Ashley - Increasing hourly fees for court appointed lawyers appointed in criminal cases and child abuse cases (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3183.By Del. Ashley - Abortion Complication Reporting Act - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3184.By Del. Wysong - Relating to confidentiality, disclosure and authorization for disclosure of mental health information - To Judiciary

3185.By Del. DeLong - Relating to pro rata distribution of moneys from the West Virginia Racing Commission Special Account - Unredeemed Pari-Mutuel Tickets - To Finance

3186.By Del. Tansill, Burdiss, Kessler and Carmichael - Reclassifying methamphetamine as a schedule II narcotic - To Judiciary

3187.By Del. Rodighiero, Stephens, Reynolds, Ellis, Craig and Shook - Requiring facilities providing abortions to obtain parental notification or consent in writing - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3188.By Del. Marshall - Creating a means by which effectiveness of economic development incentives can be measured - To Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3189.By Del. Ennis and Staggers - Relating to payment of services in certain child or juvenile proceedings (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3190.By Del. Morgan, Guthrie, Marshall, Williams, Fleischauer, Perry, Staggers and Walters - Authorizing remote dispensing and delivery of prescription drugs - To Judiciary then Finance

3191.By Del. Ashley - Providing that the limitation on child support is tolled until the last child that is subject of an income withholding order reaches eighteen years of age - To Judiciary

3192.By Del. Eldridge, Yost, Staggers and Stemple - Relating to the criminal penalties for driving while suspended or revoked, driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3193.By Del. Ellis, Eldridge, Rodighiero, Reynolds, Boggs, Stephens, Fragale, Kominar, Yost, Argento and Moore - Doubling the fines for assaulting athletic officials - To Judiciary

3194.By Del. Lane, Overington, Ellem, Sobonya and Schadler - Relating to determining defendants' ability to pay cost of incarceration be done at time of sentencing - To Judiciary

3195.By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Authorizing county commissions without a comprehensive plan to adopt ordinances relating to residential subdivisions - To Government Organization

3196.By Del. Amores, Fleischauer, Palumbo and Guthrie - Notifying persons of a defendants parole hearing who lived with the victim at the time of the crime and for twelve months preceding the crime - To Judiciary

3197.By Del. Amores and Fleischauer - Including a person who lived with a convicted defendant at the time of the crime and for at least twelve months preceding the crime to the definition of a victim for purposes of testimony - To Judiciary

3198.By Del. Kessler, Burdiss and Martin - Enacting the West Virginia Windfall Profit Tax Act (FN) - To Finance

3199.By Del. Williams, Long, Stalnaker, Crosier, Shaver, Ashley, Perry, White, Kominar and Anderson - Providing a one hundred dollar tax credit to certain businesses that are required to reprogram its cash registers because of a change in the food tax - To Finance

3200.By Del. Webster, Proudfoot, Brown, Tabb, Shook, Fleischauer, Guthrie, Ellem, Kessler, Long and Burdiss - Relating to preserving biological evidence that is secured in the investigation or prosecution of a criminal case - To Judiciary

3201.By Del. Shaver and Argento - Authorizing the tax commissioner to refuse, revoke, suspend or refuse to renew a business registration certificate for a business that is the alter ego, nominee or instrumentality of a business in certain situations - To Judiciary

3202.By Del. Argento, Amores, Morgan and Stemple - Extending the hours of operation for sale of retail liquor by two hours - To Judiciary

3203.By Del. Eldridge, Ellis, Reynolds, Varner, Rodighiero, Boggs, Stephens, Fragale, Kominar, Argento and Moore - Providing that a child born addicted to a controlled substance constitutes child abuse - To Judiciary

3204.By Del. Doyle - Authorizing a county to adopt an ordinance regulating the use of blasting explosives - To Government Organization

3205.By Del. Walters (By Request) - Prohibiting discrimination in rates of automobile insurance policies on the basis of claims filed in which the insured is not at fault - To Judiciary

3206.By Del. Manchin and Caputo - Modifying exemptions allowed in bankruptcy proceedings - To Judiciary

3207.By Del. Sobonya, Hamilton, Sumner, Rowan, Miller, C., Craig, Lane and Miller, J. - Prohibiting elected or appointed officials from using public funds to purchase, distribute or disseminate certain items and publications - To Judiciary

3208.By Del. Staggers - Relating to drug and alcohol free mines - To Judiciary

3209.By Del. Rodighiero, Reynolds, Stephens, Eldridge, Ellis and Hrutkay - Providing benefits for those who have served in the military service (FN) - To Finance

3210.By Del. Stemple, Moore, Barker and Perry - Protecting consumers of failed water or sewer utilities by authorizing the Public Service Commission to order a capable water or sewer public utility to acquire the failed utility (FN) - To Finance

3211.By Del. Doyle, Amores, Brown, Carmichael, Evans, Fleischauer, Guthrie, Palumbo, Schadler, Webster and Wells - Prohibiting discrimination based upon age and sexual orientation - To Judiciary

3212.By Del. Manchin (By Request) - Establishing the West Virginia Cemetery Act - To Judiciary

3213.By Del. Andes - Adding a fifty-ninth delegate district consisting of portions of Mason and Putnam counties - To Judiciary

3214.By Del. Ashley, Anderson, Amores, Michael and Craig - Permitting the extraction of minerals underlying state parks by private owners (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

3215.By Del. Doyle, Wysong and Tabb - Removing the administrative link between Shepherd University and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College - To Education

3216.By Del. Iaquinta, Brown, Hartman, Crosier, Ireland, Miley, White, Talbott, Longstreth and Azinger - Allowing a disabled veteran one additional license plate (FN) - To Finance

3217.By Del. Mahan and DeLong - Establishes the State Police as the entity which is authorized to issue administrative subpoenas to internet service providers in cases of suspected child pornography - To Judiciary

3218.By Del. Sumner and Duke - Requiring racetracks who are licensed to operate video lottery terminals pay a fee of one thousand dollars for each machine and that the revenue from these fees are to be transferred to the benefit fund of the Teachers Retirement System - To Judiciary

3219.By Del. Doyle, Amores, Brown, Canterbury, Long, Miller, J., Moore, Palumbo, Schadler, Staggers and Stemple - Providing that West Virginia will not participate in the "REAL ID Act of 2005" enacted by the United States Congress - To Judiciary

3220.By Del. Border, Perdue, Staggers, Long, Schadler, Ennis, Moye, Stalnaker and Stephens - Relating to medical qualifications of school bus operators - To Health and Human Resources