Friday, February 23, 2007

3221.By Del. Morgan - Relating to the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission - To Government Organization

3222.By Del. Fleischauer, Shook, Beach, Moore, Miley, Marshall, Hrutkay and Longstreth - Establishing the position of prisoner transportation officer - To Judiciary

3223.By Del. Long and Porter - West Virginia Health Care Authority Revolving Loan and Grant Fund - To Finance

3224.By Del. Manchin, Caputo and Longstreth - Removing certain exceptions in the definitions of employer and employee covered by the West Virginia minimum wage law (FN) - To Finance

3225.By Del. Staggers, Burdiss, Perry and Kessler - Providing for the appointment of a commission to develop and conduct a field test of comprehensive, integrated statewide standardized electronic medical records access system - To Judiciary

3226.By Del. Shook and Overington - Relating to notification of cancellation or nonrenewal of an insured's automobile liability insurance contract or policy - To Judiciary

3227.By Del. Fragale and Caputo - Providing the option for certain former state employees who were members of the Public Employees Retirement System to transfer to the State Teachers' Retirement System - To Finance

3228.By Del. Ashley, Carmichael and Webster - Providing that home confinement officers are subject to criminal prohibition of engaging in sexual intercourse with person incarcerated - To Judiciary

3229.By Del. Palumbo - Increasing default late fees and shortening the period given to an occupant to cure a default before an owner may enforce a lien for self-service storage facilities - To Judiciary

3230.By Del. Hutchins, Kominar, Moore, Overington, Andes, Armstead, Doyle and Azinger - Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project which receives any operating or construction moneys from state sources or state taxpayers - To Judiciary

3231.By Del. Kessler and Rodighiero - Increasing the assessment of value of managed timberland while providing for a tax of ten percent on the sale or transfer of managed timberland (FN) - To Finance

3232.By Del. Ennis, Pethtel and Craig - Reducing staff development programs for school personnel from eighteen hours to twelve hours - To Education

3233.By Del. Webster, Proudfoot, Stemple and Kominar - Increasing compensation paid to senior status magistrates (FN) - To Finance

3234.By Del. Proudfoot, Stemple, Varner and Kominar - Providing that a judge becoming eligible for retirement is not required to contribute to the retirement system (FN) - To Finance

3235.By Del. Azinger - Requiring an optometrist office and an optician office that adjoin each other to have an interior door to each others facilities - To Judiciary

3236.By Del. Sobonya, Hrutkay, Tucker and Klempa - Exempting motorcycles from the requirement of annual registration - To Judiciary

3237.By Del. Perry - Including certain credit unions and their employees in the definitions of "employer" and "employee" for purposes of the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (FN) - To Finance

3238.By Del. Hutchins - Relating to prohibiting legislators from enrolling in the state retirement system - To Finance

3239.By Del. Amores, Fleischauer and Marshall - Allowing that a full-time employee of a county board of education is excused from an absence because of a death to a permanent household member - To Education

3240.By Del. Doyle, Campbell, Long, Tabb and Wysong - Extending the provisions of the higher education flexibility act - To Education

3241.By Del. Overington (By Request) - Clarifying the duties of the planning commission - To Government Organization

3242.By Del. Armstead, Anderson and Craig - Creating a Sentencing Commission - To Government Organization then Judiciary

3243.By Del. Armstead, Lane and Schadler - Prohibiting coverage for abortions under insurance plans provided under the Public Employees Insurance Act - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3244.By Del. Miller, J., Klempa, Pino, Morgan, Perdue, Martin, Poling, D., Canterbury, Sobonya, Ashley and Lane - Creating health savings accounts for prevailing wage employees - To Judiciary

3245.By Del. Ellis, Eldridge, Iaquinta, Fragale, Rodighiero, Barker, Hrutkay, Paxton and Stephens - Equalizing pay for all high school sports head coaches - To Finance

3246.By Del. Armstead, Hrutkay, Lane, Schadler and Carmichael - Providing discounted motor registration fees for members of volunteer fire departments (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

3247.By Del. Caputo - Relating to the agreement among states to elect the president by national popular vote - To Judiciary

3248.By Del. Manchin - Idle Reduction Technology Credit (FN) - To Finance

3249.By Del. Amores - Creating a new type of common interest community with exceptions - To Judiciary

3250.By Del. Kessler, Moye, Rodighiero, Eldridge and Staggers - Requiring assisted living residences to maintain adequate auxiliary power sources to generate electricity - To Judiciary

3251.By Del. Lane - Providing an excise tax on the recordation of mortgages and deeds of trust for implementing the provisions of the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act - To Finance

3252.By Del. Armstead, Lane, Schadler, Anderson and Miller, C. - Instituting a "Celebrate Freedom Week" and requiring the instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other American historical documents - To Education

3253.By Del. Wells, Hatfield, Guthrie, Palumbo, Brown, Webster, Spencer, Amores, Armstead and Lane - Reverting the 911 fee on wireless telephones from three dollars to seventy-five cents - To Finance

3254.By Del. Long, Porter, Frederick, Moore, Burdiss and Browning - Requiring any proposed toll revision be presented to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance - To Judiciary

3255.By Del. Armstead and Lane - Directing any unallocated funds from the sale of bonds equally between the Economic Development Project Bridge Loan Fund, Infrastructure Fund for water and sewer improvements, and to the Disaster Recovery Fund - To Finance

3256.By Del. Overington, Miller, J., Andes and Blair - Repealing the Code of West Virginia and adopting in lieu thereof, the Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia - To Judiciary

3257.By Del. Webster, Brown, Guthrie and Mahan - Permitting judges presiding over juvenile proceedings to order an improvement period - To Judiciary

3258.By Del. Hutchins, Caputo, Moore, Armstead, Doyle and Azinger - Prohibiting elected state officials from becoming lobbyist for two years - To Judiciary

3259.By Del. Fragale and Marshall - Providing for a modification to federal adjusted gross income for expenses incurred by organ donors (FN) - To Finance

3260.By Del. Armstead, Carmichael, Porter, Miller, C., Miller, J., Duke, Border, Andes, Azinger and Cowles - Abolishing the business and franchise tax (FN) - To Finance

3261.By Del. Ireland, Hamilton, Romine, Andes and Poling, D. - Making English the official language of West Virginia - To Judiciary

3262.By Del. Sobonya, Sumner, Stephens, Longstreth, Moore, Reynolds, Miller, C., Craig, Rowan and Lane - Requiring the Commissioner of Corrections to keep track of repeat offenses committed by persons convicted of sexual offenses - To Judiciary

3263.By Del. Carmichael - Requiring licensed tattoo artist to inform patrons, prior to performing the tattoo procedure, of the potential problems that a tattoo may cause in relation to the reading of magnetic resonance imaging - To Judiciary

3264.By Del. Lane - Relating to performance evaluations of school personnel generally - To Education

3265.By Del. Sobonya, Sumner, Stephens, Craig, Moore and Miller, C. - Relating to the "Telephone Record Confidentiality Act" - To Judiciary

3266.By Del. Amores, Fleischauer and Marshall - Providing for passing of an intestate estate to an individual designated as a beneficiary under the deceased's life insurance policy - To Judiciary

3267.By Del. Armstead, Carmichael, Miller, J., Ireland, Tansill, Lane, Hamilton, Border, Overington and Canterbury - Reducing the rate of tax on corporation net income (FN) - To Finance

3268.By Del. Canterbury and Campbell - Relating to the rights of crime victims - To Judiciary

3269.By Del. Blair, Miller, J., Overington, Duke and Tabb - Reforming, altering and modifying the commission of Berkeley County - To Judiciary

3270.By Del. Webster and Amores - Relating to the compensation and expenses of fiduciaries - To Judiciary

3271.By Del. Webster and Amores - Clarifying spendthrift trusts - To Judiciary

3272.By Del. Webster and Amores - Relating to total return unitrusts - To Judiciary

3273.By Del. Cann, Fragale, Iaquinta and Miley - Modifying the provisions regarding the higher education institutions that are eligible for receiving PROMISE scholarship funds - To Education

3274.By Del. Kessler, Shook, Moye, Rodighiero and Sumner - Relating to making it unlawful to transfer propane from one holding tank to another - To Judiciary