Friday, January 18, 2008

4087.By Del. DeLong - Creating the West Virginia Military Family Relief Fund (FN) - To Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance

4088.By Del. Ireland, Anderson, Romine, Hartman, Stemple, Miller, C., Blair, Evans and Williams - Allowing farm equipment dealers to calculate their inventory based on an average of their yearly sales - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance

4089.By Del. Cowles, Miller, J., Shook, Carmichael, Moore and Blair - Redistricting of the House of Delegates into one hundred single member districts - To Judiciary

4090.By Del. Cowles, Tansill, Doyle and Schadler - Clarifying the fiscal responsibility and authority of county commissions over their budgets and salaries - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

4091.By Del. Rodighiero, Wysong, Reynolds, Hatfield, Eldridge, Perry, Ellis, Moore, Barker, Miley and Kessler - Relating to insurance coverage for autism - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

4092.By Del. Morgan and Burdiss - Changing the requirements for licensure as a forester or forestry technician and giving the Board of Foresters rule-making authority - To Government Organization