Friday, February 8, 2008

4464.By Del. Webster, Proudfoot, Stemple, Hrutkay, Guthrie, Sobonya, Longstreth, Varner, Burdiss, Azinger and Schadler - Adding more exemptions to the requirement that a foreign corporation obtain a certificate of authority before conducting affairs in the state - To Judiciary

4465.By Del. Webster, Stemple, Kessler, Hrutkay, Guthrie, Sobonya, Longstreth, Varner, Burdiss, Azinger and Schadler - Relating to fees charged by the Secretary of State - To Judiciary

4466.By Del. Webster, Caputo, DeLong, Fragale, Poling, M., White, Morgan, Miley, Hrutkay, Proudfoot and Fleischauer - Expanding the powers of the Office of Consumer Advocacy within the Office of the Insurance Commissioner - To Judiciary

4467.By Del. Tansill - Making it a misdemeanor to falsify educational or academic records to obtain a benefit - To Education then Judiciary

4468.By Del. Carmichael - Permitting county board of education the power to employ the most qualified person to be athletic and other extracurricular coaches - To Education then Judiciary

4469.By Del. White (By Request), Poling, M. (By Request) and Kominar - Allowing state colleges and universities to better manage real property gifted to them or acquired by them with private funds - To Education then Finance

4470.By Del. Kessler - Requiring medical facilities that provide abortions to administer anesthesia to an unborn fetus when aborted, if it is older than seven weeks - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4471.By Del. Spencer, DeLong, Caputo, Perry, Boggs, Stemple and Crosier - Making certain changes to the West Virginia State Police Retirement System - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4472.By Del. Fragale - Requiring a board of education to wait ten days before posting a new job opening following the death of an employee - To Education

4473.By Del. Doyle - Providing that a county commission may establish a program for transfer of development rights without the requirement for an election - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4474.By Del. Hatfield, Wysong, Brown, Moye and Rodighiero - Relating to registered nurses required in operating rooms - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4475.By Del. Crosier, Webster, Morgan, Hartman, Stemple, Iaquinta, Michael, Moye, Eldridge and Pino - Prohibiting the filming or photographing of minors in the production of obscene matter and providing penalty - To Judiciary

4476.By Del. Hrutkay, Tucker, Martin, Swartzmiller, Poling, D., Stalnaker and Craig - Public-Private Transportation Facilities Act - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary