Monday, February 18, 2008

5:00 P. M.

4651.By Del. White and Kominar - Consolidating all gaming-related functions within the Department of Revenue into a single gaming commission - To Government Organization

4652.By Del. Schoen and Perdue - Insuring that tobacco products are not sold in any packaging other than the original - To Judiciary

4653.By Del. Doyle - Permitting the sale of nonintoxicating beer within three hundred feet from a church that consents to the sale - To Judiciary

4654.By Del. Overington and Doyle - Limiting the use of some lands for nonenergy related purposes in "growth counties" - To Judiciary

4655.By Del. Miley - Relating to assessed property valuations (FN) - To Finance

4656.By Del. Manchin and Walters - Requiring lobbyists and lawyers providing lobbying services to pay service tax (FN) - To Finance

4657.By Del. Doyle - Establishing a business franchise tax credit to certain home builders (FN) - To Finance

4658.By Del. White, Kominar, Perdue and Iaquinta - Specifying certain terms of participation in the Public Employees Insurance Agency - To Finance

4659.By Del. Poling, D. and DeLong - Relating to the use of tax exempt property by auctioneers - To Judiciary

4660.By Del. Hutchins (By Request) and Klempa (By Request) - Relating to procedures for municipal police officers and firemen investigations and hearings - To Judiciary

4661.By Del. Hutchins (By Request) and Klempa (By Request) - Eliminating civil service protection for probationary law-enforcement officers - To Judiciary

4662.By Del. Williams - Requiring the DMV to notify the state police when a registered sex offender purchases, trades or registers a motor vehicle - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4663.By Del. Ellem, Poling, D., Azinger, Border and Anderson - Adding one magistrate to Wood County - To Judiciary then Finance

4664.By Del. White, Kominar, Boggs and Iaquinta - Clarifying the purpose of the Purchasing Division - To Government Organization

4665.By Del. Moore, Long, Perdue, Marshall, Hutchins, Morgan, Wysong, Schoen, Webster, Hatfield and Carmichael - Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs - To Government Organization

4666.By Del. Palumbo and DeLong - Providing for access to driver's license information to licensed private investigators and licensed security services - To Judiciary

4667.By Del. Shook - Exempting the retirement benefits of certain annuitants under the State Teachers Retirement System from state income tax (FN) - To Finance

4668.By Del. Sobonya, Perdue, Staggers, Beach, Hamilton, Brown, Reynolds, Miller, C., Rodighiero, Hatfield and Rowan - Creating the West Virginia Addictions Treatment and Recovery Fund - To Finance

4669.By Del. Perry, Williams, Shaver and Hamilton - Creating multi-year hunting, fishing and trapping licenses (FN) - To Finance

4670.By Del. White, Kominar and Iaquinta - Authorizing the Public Employees Insurance Agency to charge interest to employers on amounts not paid on time (FN) - To Finance

4671.By Del. Wells, White, Kominar, Stalnaker, Iaquinta, Boggs and Argento - Relating to confidential records - To Judiciary

4672.By Del. Overington, Perdue and Rowan - Authorizing certified animal euthanasia technicians to administer a sedative to an animal prior to euthanizing - To Judiciary

4673.By Del. Armstead and Carmichael - Jobs Impact Statement - To Judiciary

4674.By Del. Sobonya, Miller, J., Reynolds, Stephens, Rodighiero, Beach, Brown, Schoen, Miller, C., Staggers and Hatfield - Requiring health care providers to release unemancipated minor's medical records for drug testing to a parent or legal guardian without written consent from minor - To Judiciary

4675.By Del. Overington, Anderson and Armstead - Abolishing joint liability and establishing comparative fault - To Judiciary

4676.By Del. Kominar, Iaquinta and Perdue - Continuing the permissible appropriation of Public Employees Insurance Reserve Fund moneys to the bureau for medical services - To Finance

4677.By Del. White, Stalnaker, Kominar, Iaquinta and Argento - Reducing the requirement that the Director of Personnel must have five years experience in personnel management - To Government Organization

4678.By Del. Paxton - Relating to itinerant status for school service personnel - To Education

4679.By Del. Shook and Beach - Making changes to the Municipal Home Rule Board - To Judiciary

4680.By Del. Ashley, White, Boggs, Anderson and Border - Allowing for expanded temporary employment of retired state employees in areas of critical need - To Finance

4681.By Del. Hutchins - Clarifying the process and procedure for hearing boards - To Judiciary

4682.By Del. Palumbo and Higgins - Increasing the fine for littering from fifty dollars to one hundred dollars - To Judiciary

4683.By Del. Overington, Andes, Lane, Blair, Miller, J., Sobonya, Barker, Martin, Stalnaker, Shaver and Border - Relating to carrying concealed pistols or revolvers - To Judiciary

4684.By Del. Palumbo - Amending the West Virginia Film Industry Investment Act (FN) - To Finance

4685.By Del. DeLong, Morgan, Brown, Duke and Caputo - Creating the West Virginia Smoke Detector Act - To Judiciary

4686.By Del. Sobonya, Miller, C., Ireland, Romine and Rowan - Specifying the types of topics that are to be covered in school programs on personal finance - To Education

4687.By Del. Armstead and Schoen - Directing the State Board of Education to determine what principal and teacher reports are unnecessary - To Education

4688.By Del. Miller, J., Sobonya, Blair, Andes and Miller, C. - Establishing a corporate tax credit up to fifty percent of the corporation's net income tax for contributions to scholarship funds (FN) - To Finance

4689.By Del. Craig - Clarifying that the Governor appoints the Executive Director of the Development Office with the advice and consent of the Senate - To Government Organization

4690.By Del. Sobonya, Lane, Stephens, Reynolds and Cowles - Ensuring that homeowners are adequately informed of the nature of the licensed contractor's insurance coverage - To Judiciary

4691.By Del. Boggs - Establishing the Flexible Leave Act - To Finance

4692.By Del. White and Kominar - Permitting depositories of state, county, municipal and other public moneys to pool securities - To Finance

4693.By Del. Swartzmiller, Martin, Canterbury, Ashley, Eldridge and Talbott - Establishing the Athletic Training Licensure Act - To Judiciary

4694.By Del. Hutchins and Yost - Relating to suspension of drivers license for certain offenses if committed by college students - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4695.By Del. Schoen and Porter - Permitting private owners of vehicles to install an interlock system on their vehicle - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4696.By Del. Shaver and Williams - Relating to registration and operation of mini trucks (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4697.By Del. Klempa - Fairness in Public Construction Contract Act - To Finance

4698.By Del. Blair - Providing a tax credit for Ad Valorem tax paid on Manufacturing Inventory - To Finance

4699.By Del. Beach, Fleischauer, Shook and Marshall - Requiring the Public Service Commission to allow Class I cities to enter into one or more agreements with contract carriers by motor vehicle - To Judiciary

4700.By Del. Manchin, Longstreth and Caputo - Providing standards for hospitals' charity care programs and bad debt collection programs - To Finance

4701.By Del. Miley, Fragale and Iaquinta - Relating to fleeing form a law-enforcement officer - To Judiciary

4702.By Del. Kessler - Providing regulation, penalties, and administration for natural gas and methane gas wells - To Finance

4703.By Del. Spencer - Raising the state salary level to at least one hundred twenty-five percent above the Federal Poverty Guidelines - To Finance

4704.By Del. Iaquinta - Making a supplementary appropriation to the Division of Veterans' Affairs - To Finance

4705.By Del. Shook - Relating to the distribution of the State Treasurer's "Road Fund" (FN) - To Finance

4706.By Del. Palumbo, Browning and Williams - Providing mandatory carding for all purchases of alcoholic liquor and nonintoxicating beer from a retailer - To Judiciary

4707.By Del. White, Boggs, Kominar and Campbell (By Request) - Bringing the West Virginia Tax Increment Financing Act up to current regulations - To Finance