Thursday, February 21, 2008

House Concurrent Resolutions

By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Del. Craig, Cann, Caputo, DeLong, Ennis, Fragale, Gall, Hartman, Hutchins, Klempa, Kominar, Michael, Moore, Moye, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Pino, Poling, M., Proudfoot, Stalnaker, Talbott, Tucker, Varner, White and Yost - Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to study sustainable funding methods to develop creative communities prepared to embrace opportunities in the new economy - To Rules

By Del. Blair, Anderson, Andes, Argento, Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Beach, Boggs, Border, Brown, Browning, Burdiss, Campbell, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Carmichael, Cowles, Craig, Crosier, DeLong, Doyle, Duke, Eldridge, Ellem, Ellis, Ennis, Evans, Fleischauer, Fragale, Frederick, Gall, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hartman, Hatfield, Higgins, Hrutkay, Hutchins, Iaquinta, Ireland, Kessler, Klempa, Kominar, Lane, Long, Longstreth, Manchin, Marshall, Martin, Michael, Miley, Miller, C., Miller, J., Moore, Morgan, Moye, Overington, Palumbo, Paxton, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Pino, Poling, D., Poling, M., Porter, Proudfoot, Reynolds, Rodighiero, Romine, Rowan, Schadler, Schoen, Shaver, Shook, Sobonya, Spencer, Staggers, Stalnaker, Stemple, Stephens, Sumner, Swartzmiller, Tabb, Talbott, Tansill, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Tucker, Varner, Walters, Webster, Wells, White, Williams, Wysong and Yost - Urging cooperation to establish an academic competition among the state's high schools - To Rules

By Del. Hatfield - Requesting the Joint Committee on Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Oversight to conduct a study establishing drug and mental health courts in each judicial district - To Rules

By Del. Fragale, DeLong, White, Caputo and Poling, M. - Honoring and commemorating 100 years of service at home and abroad by the United States Army Reserve - To Rules

By Del. Moore, Browning, White and Burdiss - The "Abishi Carrando Cunningham, Sr. Memorial Bridge" - To Rules