Friday, March 6, 2009

2973.     By Del. Sumner - Providing for the issuance of special registration plates bearing the logo, symbol, insignia, letters or words demonstrating association with or support for the Friends of Coal organization - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

2974.     By Del. Andes - Abolishing the one-vote straight ticket voting in all general and special elections within West Virginia - To Judiciary

2975.     By Del. Perry, Hartman, Shook, Schoen, Reynolds and Walters - Authorizing the insurance commissioner to order restitution in certain cases - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

2976.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Requiring the State Fire Commission to promulgate rules pertaining to the State Building Code - To Judiciary then Finance

2977.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to the procurement of engineering services - To Judiciary then Finance

2978.     By Del. Kominar, Swartzmiller, Varner, Perdue, Eldridge, Perry, Campbell, Stephens, Cowles and Miller, J. - Relating to the practice of optometry - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

2979.     By Del. Hunt - Adopting guidelines to permit pharmacists to prescribe medications - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

2980.     By Del. Fleischauer, Manypenny and Staggers - "West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act" - To Government Organization then Finance

2981.     By Del. Fleischauer, Hatfield, Staggers, Doyle, Shook, Moore, Klempa, Brown, Susman, Frazier and Longstreth - Relating to primary elections and nominating procedures of third-party candidates - To Judiciary

2982.     By Del. Ross - Modifying the definition of "shallow" and "deep" wells to allow a shallow well to be drilled deeper - To Judiciary

2983.     By Del. Brown, Lawrence and Staggers - "Consent to Health Care of Minors Act" (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance