Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3058.     By Del. Rodighiero and Reynolds - Eliminating the use of light plastic bags - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3059.     By Del. Shook - Exempting federal, state, county or private investigators from prosecution for stalking due to performing lawful investigations - To Judiciary

3060.     By Del. Rodighiero, Reynolds, Eldridge, Hatfield, Perdue and Butcher - Prohibiting the establishment of new methadone treatment programs and clinics except for programs operated as community health centers and requiring all community health center methadone programs to monitor patient's pharmacy registry - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3061.     By Del. Ross - Increasing the spending limits on contracts involving the expenditure by a public service district for construction work or for the purchase of equipment and improvements, without seeking competitive bids - To Judiciary then Finance

3062.     By Del. Ellem, Hamilton, Poling, D., Anderson, Varner, Talbott and Argento - Providing that the amount of required acreage for bird hunting preserves may be one hundred acres for privately owned commercial shooting preserves - To Natural Resources then Judiciary

3063.     By Del. Talbott, Argento and Shaver - Relating to hunting, tagging and reporting bear - To Natural Resources then Judiciary

3064.     By Del. Evans (By Request), Wells, Azinger and Crosier - Providing that persons sixty-five years of age or older may be admitted to athletic and other extracurricular activities of secondary schools without payment of admission fees - To Education then Finance

3065.     By Del. Moore, Perry, Shook and Reynolds - Requiring disclosure of higher annual percentage rate upon refinancing of a loan not secured by real estate and to provide a reasonable, tangible net benefit to the borrower in any refinancing of a loan or sale that is secured by real estate - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3066.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Martin, Talbott, Butcher, Argento and Poling, D. - Clarifying the supervision requirements for elevator apprentices under elevator safety - To Government Organization

3067.     By Del. Fragale - Allowing certain owners of warehouses to store and to transport quantities of alcoholic liquors, wine, beer or nonintoxicating beer which are not intended or being stored for the purpose of sale or use within the state - To Judiciary

3068.     By Del. Carmichael - Establishing that spring gobbler hunting season begins on the second Monday of April every year - To Natural Resources then Judiciary

3069.     By Del. Eldridge, Ellem, Moore, Border, Cowles, Rowan, Reynolds and Rodighiero - Providing medical and nonmedical exemptions from mandatory immunizations for school children - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3070.     By Del. Fragale - Allowing nonprofit organizations to hold up to two charitable Texas hold'em tournaments per year - To Judiciary then Finance

3071.     By Del. Fleischauer, Beach, Shook, Marshall and Martin - Providing that all fire alarm systems, including all components, shall be electronically supervised - To Judiciary then Finance

3072.     By Del. Craig, Morgan, Ashley, Campbell, Butcher, Armstead and White - Providing a full tax deduction for the purchase of a new automobile and providing an exemption from the sales tax in the tax year 2009 (FN) - To Finance

3073.     By Del. Shott - Exempting from the excise tax on property transfers property that is transferred from an individual to a wholly-owned corporation or a wholly-owned limited liability company - To Judiciary then Finance

3074.     By Del. Miley - Allowing the Secretary of State to notify people with delinquent taxes by certified mail - To Government Organization then Judiciary

3075.     By Del. Reynolds - Requiring the Secretary of State to handle the administrative duties regarding the Silver Haired Legislature - To Senior Citizen Issues then Government Organization

3076.     By Del. Martin, Walker, Butcher, Poling, D., Poling, M., Boggs, Perry, Caputo, Hamilton and Ellem - Relating to the regulation and operation of cranes - To Judiciary

3077.     By Del. Perry - Repealing existing provisions on limited benefit plans and creating a new program under which insurance companies would submit limited benefit plans, individual and group, for approval by the commissioner - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

3078.     By Del. Miley, Perdue and Longstreth - Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Standard and Fire Prevention Act - To Judiciary then Finance

3079.     By Del. Guthrie, Campbell, White, Hatfield and Perdue - Changing the definition of "health care provider" and "drug" for the purpose of consumers sales tax, and exempting from the consumers sales tax drugs purchased by veterinarians to be dispensed by prescription for the treatment of animals (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

3080.     By Del. White, Campbell and Kominar - General revisions to taxation - To Judiciary then Finance