Friday, April 3, 2009

House Concurrent Resolutions

By Del. Blair, Anderson, Andes, Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Border, Canterbury, Carmichael, Cowles, Duke, Ellem, Evans, Hamilton, Ireland, Lane, Louisos, McGeehan, Miller, C., Miller, J., Overington, Porter, Romine, Rowan, Schadler, Schoen, Shott, Sobonya, Sumner and Walters - Requesting the Legislature to establish a Joint Legislative Committee on Substance Abuse and Public Assistance - To Rules

By Del. Shott, Frazier, Perry, Porter, Shaver, McGeehan, Sumner, Louisos, Williams, Beach and Phillips - Requesting the Legislature to establish a Joint Legislative Committee on Public Service Commission Accountability and Effectiveness - To Rules

By Del. Kominar, Craig, White and Caputo - Recognizing the importance of the coal mining industry in West Virginia and requesting West Virginia's congressional delegation to support the coal industry - To Rules

By Del. Williams, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Beach, Butcher, Caputo, Crosier, Evans, Fragale, Hartman, Klempa, Louisos, Marshall, Michael, Morgan, Moye, Perry, Poling, D., Poling, M., Shaver, Tabb, Varner, Walker and White - The "Trooper First Class James Thomas Brammer Memorial Bridge" - To Rules

By Del. Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Ireland, Porter, Sumner, Shott, Walters, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Anderson, Andes, Argento, Barker, Beach, Blair, Boggs, Border, Brown, Campbell, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Carmichael, Cowles, Crosier, Doyle, Duke, Ellem, Ennis, Evans, Ferro, Fleischauer, Fragale, Frazier, Givens, Guthrie, Hall, Hamilton, Hartman, Hatfield, Hunt, Hutchins, Iaquinta, Klempa, Kominar, Lane, Lawrence, Longstreth, Louisos, Mahan, Manchin, Manypenny, Marshall, Martin, Michael, Miley, Miller, C., Miller, J., Moore, Morgan, Moye, Overington, Paxton, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Phillips, Poling, D., Poling, M., Reynolds, Rodighiero, Romine, Ross, Rowan, Schadler, Schoen, Shaver, Shook, Skaff, Smith, Sobonya, Spencer, Staggers, Stephens, Stowers, Susman, Swartzmiller, Tabb, Talbott, Varner, Walker, Webster, Wells, White, Williams and Wooton - Requesting the Division of Highways place a commemorative sign indicating the 38th parallel in honor of veterans of the Korean War - To Rules

By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Del. Doyle, Campbell, Reynolds, Anderson, Evans, Iaquinta, Guthrie, Manchin, Klempa and White - Urging members of the West Virginia congressional delegation to sponsor and support the Main Street Fairness Act - To Rules