Thursday, January 21, 2010

4147.By Del. Doyle, Lawrence, Mahan, Perdue, Campbell and White - Relating to licensing exemptions of persons who only perform the duty of hair washing for a licensed barber or cosmetologist - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4148.By Del. Doyle, Mahan, Perdue and Hatfield - Relating to prohibiting members of the news media from being compelled to give testimony - To Judiciary

4149.By Del. Doyle, Mahan, Perdue and Hatfield - Authorizing incentives for energy conversation by electric utilities - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

4150.By Del. Miley, Wooton, Barker, Moore, Shook, Ferro, Ellem, Schoen and Sobonya - West Virginia Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being Act - To Judiciary then Finance - [Interim Bill]

4151.By Del. Doyle - Providing a procedure for disclosure of birth parents to an adoptee, in certain circumstances - To Judiciary

4152.By Del. Staggers, Perdue, Perry, Moore, Moye, White, Caputo, Miley, Schoen, Rowan and Michael - Making it a misdemeanor to make more than three separate calls to 911 for nonemergency health concerns - To Judiciary

4153.By Del. Perdue, Border, Hartman, Hatfield, Marshall, Michael, Moore, Phillips, Rodighiero, Staggers and Wooton - Creating an Office for Oral Health under the Bureau for Public Health - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization - [Interim Bill]

4154.By Del. Guthrie, Klempa, Ennis, Ferro and Martin - Relating to bicycle and pedestrian ways being given full consideration in the planning and development of state roads (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4155.By Del. Varner, Kominar, Cann, Campbell, White, Poling, M., Mahan, Ferro, Perdue, Boggs and Pethtel - Permitting revenues allocated to volunteer and part time fire departments to be used for Workers' Compensation premiums and length of service awards - To Judiciary then Finance

4156.By Del. Ellem (By Request) - Relating to recall elections of elected or appointed federal officers that do not hold a life term - To Judiciary