Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4418.By Del. Andes - Requiring lobbyists to disclose compensation agreements for each registered employer - To Judiciary

4419.By Del. Poling, M., Paxton and Stephens - Developing caseload standards for the Department of Health and Human Resource program areas - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

4420.By Del. Miley, Craig, Morgan, Michael, Ross, Kominar and Cann - Asbestos Claims Transparency Act - To Judiciary

4421.By Del. Mahan, Klempa, Fleischauer, Miley, White, Marshall, Campbell, Perdue, Poling, M. and Hatfield - Removing the provision specifying a termination date for the Equal Pay Commission - To Government Organization

4422.By Del. Miley, Brown, Ferro, Longstreth, Moore and Ross [By Request of the Supreme Court of Appeals] - Clarifying that law-enforcement may remove weapons possessed after service or notice of a protective order but before an actual hearing - To Judiciary

4423.By Del. Poling, M. and Duke [By Request of the Department of Education] - Providing additional conditions for which counties may provide teachers salary increments or compensation above the county salary schedule - To Education then Finance

4424.By Del. Poling, M. and Duke [By Request of the Department of Education] - Requiring a revised annual personnel evaluation process for all professional personnel that is aligned with the state's new teaching and leadership standards - To Education

4425.By Del. Perdue, Hatfield, Border, Hartman, Marshall, Michael, Moore, Phillips, Rodighiero, Staggers and Wooton - Developing a pilot program for unlicensed personnel to administer medication in a nursing home - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]

4426.By Del. Andes - Ending the requirement that health facilities acquire a certificate of need to open - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4427.By Del. Andes and McGeehan - Providing an annual $5,000 bonus to teachers of advanced placement math and science classes - To Education then Finance

4428.By Del. Andes, Cowles and Miller, C. - Abolishing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4429.By Del. Phillips, Crosier, Frazier, Longstreth, Mahan, Staggers, Guthrie and Hall - Increasing the financial penalties for causing serious injury or death to a dog or horse used by law enforcement officials - To Agriculture then Judiciary

4430.By Del. Boggs, Perry, Moore, White, Miley, Kominar, Azinger and Evans - Requiring the Public Employees Insurance Agency and its contractors, under certain circumstances, to advertise that they are seeking bids prior to accepting bids (FN) - To Finance

4431.By Del. Azinger and Crosier - Permitting a retired police officer to be hired as a chief of police and continue to receive retirement benefits - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4432.By Del. Talbott, Eldridge and Ross - Providing for actual costs to be paid for municipal audits and reducing the cap on audits for Class IV municipalities - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

4433.By Del. Craig, Stowers, Kominar, Morgan, Miller, C., Andes and Reynolds - Relating to determining the appropriate penalty to impose against operators who fail to provide immediate notice upon the occurrence of a mining accident - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

4434.By Del. Staggers, Hatfield, Swartzmiller, Manypenny, Reynolds, Ross, Marshall, Stephens and Martin - Expanding prescriptive authority of advanced nurse practitioners - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

4435.By Del. White [By Request of the Tax and Revenue Department] - Relating to estate tax (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4436.By Del. Shaver, Poling, M., Perry, Williams, Ennis, Beach, Lawrence, Romine, Pethtel, Paxton and Cann - Providing discretion to schools that make AYP to use assessments and adopting instructional strategies and programs that promote student learning - To Education

4437.By Del. Spencer, Stephens, Hatfield and Caputo - Creating a license plate for West Virginia coal miners (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance